…čtení na sobotní odpoledne,,A za ruku jsem držel astronautku Petersovou “ : Kapitola deset.

Fotografie od Pierre Blachu00e9 na Pexels.com

Napsáno více jak před deseti lety, jakákoli podobnost se jmény postavami povoláními příjmeními je čistě náhodná nebo je to klasická synchronicita.

Čteno a nahráno ve Studiu Midian.

And I held astronaut Peters by the hand.
Lubomír Tomik
Chapter ten.

In places! To the places for a souvenir photo !!!!

I was lying on the floor next to the bed, the curtain on the window was already fading at dawn, I raised my hand to my eyes, there was no sign of the ring, so it was just a dream?
The bed is empty and made.
Someone tries to open the door from the outside, out of the hallway, and presses the doorknob several times.
-Open Hamilton!-
Hamilton, his eyes wide, shouts: – You get used to it! I did a partial brain transplant and rejuvenated the centers that needed it most.

A casket carried by four men appeared in the doorway. People are pushing behind her. Let’s see Hamilton’s father.
Don Hamilton Balosa and two ministers walk out the side entrance and get ready about a hundred meters from the church. Behind them, a parade ranks quickly. There are wreaths hanging on the car.
Someone announces to Don Hamilton that he can go now.
-It’s burning, he said. -It’s actually burning… yes… you brought something… and probably that’s why you came back alive… –
Distrust will unfold in those in the procession. someone is covered because it is damp. It’s waiting without enthusiasm.
Glowing point of a cigarette.
The fog in the distance covered the lights on the shore.

The photographer builds the camera and shouts: – To the places! Places for a souvenir photo !!! –
And it is at this moment that everyone’s attention is focused on the noise from the distant shore.
Even later, no one could figure out what was part of the dream and what was reality.
On a large ship, Don Hamilton Balosa, his charges and a nun pray. There is a muffled whisper.
One bachelor is vomiting.
-So eat me… you human corpses… -His generous offer, however, is not being fulfilled.

And a narrow trickle of blood ran to meet them from the cluttered pile of metal and bodies. There was a scream, as painful as a scalpel.
Now the blind man of Cantarel put his accordion on his knees, and after a few chords, he began to sing the madrigal for the bride in his strangled voice.
His voice is beginning to rise over all the unreal scenery of smiles and distant wrongs and attacks on the tabernacles of the world, we live in it, it leaves us cold, it shouldn’t. And it’s me and it’s you.
He shuts up.
-,,What are you talking about? „Cried the bride muffled, in tears.-Can’t you see you’re in front of my house?“
She’s crying.
Tears like peas.
Old, puffy and bitter.
Wild kittens lick them off the ground and die during long-term painful bouts.

The waiter in a business cafe sleeps standing. The dog with its tongue out sneaks right along the wall.
-I’d like to know one more thing.-I said after some hesitation.-Where did you get a girl like that?
We sat on the floor, on the floor facing each other, but I heard him on the phone. He me too. the current buzzed, the tape recorder spoke and spoke, he blinked behind the glass, his hands on his knees and said without haste. I will not open.-
And he slid to the ground between the closet and the window.
The moaning suddenly stopped. His tense face relaxed and he opened his eyes.
-Well, we have to wait for the result of the analysis. Only chromatography can tell something, because everything is broken.
-Oh so-I understand. -Her sister succumbs to bouts of insanity, which are very dangerous for the environment.It must be isolated.-
Why did you tell me? – he asked, hovering.
-Because you’re a little tall yourself. Almost at the ceiling. – I smiled.
Then followed the fall and growl of his trachea.
I wiped my knife on my pants and left.

End of chapter ten.
Crowley - 20 - aeon

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