Poet Video ,,Mintak“

Napsáno nahráno smícháno ve Studiu Midian.



Lubomír Tomik

flour and butter
flour and butter


flour and butter
flour and butter

you will never be naked
you will never be naked on the bow of a drakkar

you are always dressed in Orion's Belt
Crowley - eso mecu

Mintak…lyrics …s Královnou Synchronicit….


Lubomír Tomik

mouka a máslo
mouka a máslo

křížem krážem
křížem krážem

mouka a máslo
mouka a máslo

nikdy nebudeš nahá
nikdy nebudeš nahá na přídi drakkaru

vždy jsi oděna v Orionův Pás


Lubomír Tomik

flour and butter
flour and butter


flour and butter
flour and butter

you will never be naked
you will never be naked on the bow of a drakkar

you are always dressed in Orion's Belt

Právě se stala synchronicita..ne Královna Synchronicit. Vyfotil jsem před chvílí Orionův Pás, za chvíli jsem četl....irští otroci použivali směs mouky a másla, říkalo se jí ,,MINTAK" od toho název básně, zadám do prohlížeče slovo Mintak abych našel odkaz na směs mouky a másla a na obrazovce je jméno MINTAKA jedna z hvězd ORIONOVA PÁSU????????
Jestli se něco mělo stát , právě TOHLE. Jdu ještě hledat ten původní text, jestli se to opravdu stalo.
Tento způsob reality .....

Poprvé je vše naopak.

Poprvé je hotov nejdřív hrubý střih videa,bez hudby, slov, několik párů očí a zvuk pádů dvou těl , oči z důlků, nemám místo na psaní, musel jsem najít nový sešit, jen několik let starý, vytrhal z něj popsané stránky a vyhodil je…na obalu Itálie, pokládejme to za dobré znamení !

O čem to bude ?

Karta je ,,Kolo štěstí „.

Crowley - 10 - kolo stesti

Čtení na sobotní odpoledne ,,A za ruku jsem držel astronautku Petersovou “ Kapitola 33.

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And I held astronaut Peters by the hand.

Lubomír Tomik /written more than twenty years ago/

Chapter Thirty-Three.

London romance

The police chief stormed the hotel. Bengt found in the hall.
-I’m not going to get excited, looking in the mirror all the time and chewing gum all the time to smell like licorice like an unpolished bull!
The tone of his voice allowed no questions.

Sullivan sat down at the ancient table, and Bengt thought sullenly, „And I’m nothing?“
The police chief lit a cigarette. Sparrowing sparrows fought the gutters in the gutters. It was an eloquent song of contagious rhythm, it sang about the war in the fourteenth year, about Fat Berta, about the Emperor. By the way, in the verses at the end of the song, the Emperor was not treated with care.
-Lame David… -Bengt thought, clenching his fists.
-And now, the moment of truth has come. -Sullivan said, revealing the snow-white teeth in a wide smile.
Two waiters, dressed in boxes and in white ties, stood at the far end of the hall, waiting for Bengt and Sullivan to get up to close.

  • And the vaccine?
    -We have three cabarets, hotels, lots of pubs, three cockpits, a gas station, and a Chevrolet dealership. ”Sullivan instructed.
    Bengt was alert as a boxer after the gong sounded at the beginning of the round.
    -And David is nowhere. -Sullivan continued.- You claim you searched everything. Airport station harbor ruins slums.Davídek nowhere! I’m asking! Where is?-

Those words should not be a disturbing question.

It was a shocking answer.

  • He’s at your house !!!!!! – dropped out of Bengt.
    -Yes it’s right.-
    Police Commissioner Sullivan shook his head almost imperceptibly, as if he had fallen down, toward hell.
    -It is so. He rang my doorbell and when I opened it he started kissing me. He immediately held me in his arms, hugged me and kissed me again, bringing me into ecstasy and then, then he began to make love to me. He is a unique artist in this respect, he was completely greedy in bed and was able to fulfill all my most secret wishes all night. He surrounded me with fantasies of such a caliber that I completely succumbed to him. . It was amazing, I’ll never forget it! –
    He paused for a moment, then added.-He’ll immediately reveal what you’re up to!
    Edward Bengt grabbed his head with both hands and cursed softly- Oh! God! ”He raised a clenched fist resembling a hammer.
    An unkind silence fell.
    -Who do you think you are !!!! – Bengt shouted angrily.
  • Does it matter who you are?
    -If you play with me, Commissioner, I’ll have you beaten up and I’ll send you to Palenque.
    Sullivan looked innocent and defenseless as a child. Exceptions were eyes, rocky and inaccessible. But he might as well have been somewhere else.
    Bengt grabbed the rage. He rushed into the hotel’s corridors, rooms and bedrooms, scattering tile tub doors and entire hotel cores all around the windows. He finished and they both went out.

  • At that moment, several fighting boys ran into the square. Somewhere they ran, shouting, brandishing real wooden sabers and real tin pistols. It looked as if London had been invaded by cruel robbers.
    They were the same men and they had weapons.

End of chapter thirty-three.

Crowley - kralovna mecu

Pokus o četbu za zvuků ulice Istanbulu, žádné střihy, žádné podfuky.


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Lubomír Tomik

Stopy se ztrácejí v deštivých dnech,
v suchu prach rozfouká jejich vítr,

jsme těžkým soustem pro nebeské stopaře 
a kouzelníky,

do mraků vzlétne smaragdová koule,
s očima věcí,
které jsou před námi.



Lubomír Tomik

Traces disappear on rainy days,
their wind blows away the dust in the dry,

we are a heavy bite for heavenly trackers
and magicians,

an emerald ball flies into the cloud,
with the eyes of things
which are before us. 
Crowley - sedmicka holi

Čtení na sobotu : ,,A za ruku jsem držel astronautku Petersovou“ Kapitola 38

Nahráno a smícháno ve Studiu Midian. No. Ve Studiu. Proč ne ? I kdyby jen…někdo.

And I held astronaut Peters by the hand.

Lubomír Tomik

Chapter thirty-six.

The lonely, forceful steps of the German philosopher.

Traveling through time every day, smiling and uttering words, and William is lonely, striking the mad German philosopher, wearing Vietnamese European trousers and a shirt with pockets, a fishing hat and a long shotgun in his hand – he attacks him in one dark corner. a bunch of thorns.
He clicks the old thing and says- Come on, you bastards- and thugs will blow up in the nothingness of the endless streets of London…
William then lights elegantly.
When the seafront appears, he pulls out his binoculars and looks out to sea.
Nothing but emptiness spans the horizon.

William thought.

William thought. – It’s amazing in London’s prostitutes that they take off their veils over their noses and then the long biblical robe, and suddenly they’re just lewd sluts with a lustful smile and nothing more.
He smiled.
Later, as he tried to look through the wrong time and find me, his eyes searched, turned to dust and rose until he found me, looked at me and asked – Where are you? Where are you? –
But all I heard was the rustling of my lips, and the connection broke when a high, phallic voice carried over the air — We’re sending an extraordinary message… .We’re sending an extraordinary message…We are sending an extraordinary message… Citizens of the Earth beware… We are sending an extraordinary message… –

I saw the deer of the dawn rushing forward, but where was I at this moment when the shattering vibration of the other worlds pulsed and rushed in the infinite universes like on a treadmill — was it me?

Crowley - dvojka poharu


Všechno je teď.

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Crowley - kralovna holi
z šelestů  šatů,
z šelestu a šumění v tanci,

utkal sebevražedný pavouk lepkavou pavučinu,

z šelestu pohledů,
z šelestu nedohraných představení,

utkala sebevražedná pavučina pavouka


from the murmurs of clothes,
from the murmur and rustling of dance,

a suicide spider weaves a sticky web,

from the rustle of views,
from the murmur of unfinished performances,

a spider's suicide web weaved spider,

Pavučina barev…

…bez štětce. Tužka a tuby s temperovými barvami. Slova tužkou , u malování zrovna zpíval Sivert Hoyem:

,,Then we are dream within the dream“

Nabídlo se samo.

Originální skica přes dvacet let stará, autor Milan Horák .

Karta Crowleyho Tarona na publikaci článku je….byla….

Crowley - 6 - milenci

You continue because of it by Bogdan Dragos

Gobblers & Masticadores

it's a bit cold I'm sitting by the margin of the river Fishing A bit upset There were too many fish who escaped my nets I sigh throw 'em again wait I catch one pull it out and stomp on its golden head rip it apart from the body and drink its blood ... Yeah, bullshit I'm sitting in the office night shift supervising casinos through CCTV cameras it's 05:53 and I'm ignoring work to write poems like this one and something always comes up and makes me forget my ideas The phone rings Some customer causes trouble in some casino Some other customer is suspected of cheating A bouncer falls asleep on his chair due to lack of activity The game attendant flirts with a customer There's a bill fallen on the floor and I've to determine its owner A bunch of idiots are being too loud Some other…

Zobrazit původní příspěvěk 82 dalších slov

Dnes. Bogdan, You know ,,, Because of IT“

Protože nemůžu moc chodit, jen s berlí a auto je na cestách na Pustevny,

budu celý den psát a malovat a učit se ,chcípat, publikovat, jak jsem včera napsal básníku Bogdanovi ,který pracuje jako Obsluha kamerového systému a hlídač v casinu- Dali jsme se na vojnu a musíme bojovat .-

Někdo má práci, někdo má přátele, někdo má partnery, někdo má blízké, někdo má koníčky, my máme psaní, píšeme proto aby jsme byli naživu. Soundtrack zdarma, praskání kostí v podělaném pirátském dřevěném koleni, ještě jedno přídavné jméno a


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Lubomír Tomik

náhrdelník na krku z
lidských kostí

v měšci u pasu
lidské oči
kola slunce

uvnitř pustina,
tisíce pum
vybuchlo, pustina

místo úsměvu,
ra še li na.



Lubomír Tomik

necklace from
human bones

in a bag at the waist
human eyes
wheels of the sun

inside the wasteland,
thousands of bombs
exploded, wasteland

instead of a smile

Crowley - trojka holi

Trojka holí je symbolem mohutné vnitřní síly neboli celistvosti. Této celistvosti je dosaženo jednotou mysli, srdce a činů, které vystupují v naprostém souladu

Poet Video beze slov : ,, Rok starý pozdrav „

Skoro rok starý pozdrav z Rehabilitačního ústavu Darkov.

Zvuk pochodujících vojáků a bubny z archivů BBC, volně použitelný pro neziskové účely.

A karta Crowleyho Tarotu na publikaci je ,, Poustevník“ …

Crowley - 9 - poustevnik

…karta která mi celý měsíc vycházela skoro pravidelně během pobytu, náhody neexistují.

Žádný Poustevník jsem ale nebyl, s odstupem času to byla báječná zkušenost.

Měli jsme na sebe štěstí.

Křik hladového motýla.

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Nedočetla jsi až do konce.

Lubomír Tomik

milá má,
nedočetla jsi až do konce

příběh pokračuje,
i když si myslíš že jsi ho dočetla 

milá má,
nikdo nezemře uprostřed příběhu

příběh pokračuje,
jsme jen kusy barevného skla

pohozeného do potoků Rapotína,
zelené odlesky

stopy soli,
stopy dna,
stopy DNA

sluneční daňci hodující v krmelcích zítřka,
zpáteční lístky do klobouků,
roztančených kravat,

křik hladových motýlů není slšet,
pozlacené svetry,

nam moi, kulič.


You haven't read until the end.

Lubomír Tomik

my dear
you haven't read it to the end

the story continues,
even if you think you read it

my dear
no one dies in the middle of the story

the story continues,
we are just pieces of stained glass

thrown into the creeks of Rapotín,
green reflections

traces of salt,
traces of the bottom,
traces of DNA

solar fallow deer feasting in tomorrow's feeds,
return hat tickets,
rotated dance ties,

the screams of hungry butterflies are not heard,
gilded sweaters,

nam moi, glassmaker.

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Karta Crowleyho Tarotu na publikaci-

Crowley - 16 - vez