Čtení pro Tebe ,,A za ruku jsem držel astronautku Petersovou “ Kapitola 27, část III.

Chapter 27.part III.
-And now-said William-now we'll have a great meeting.-
We swallowed the tablets brought to us by the agent, it seemed to me that he was dancing, dancing despite the heavy and clumsy mask he was wearing and despite the heavy weight of his suit he made sharp and rhythmic movements, made elastic jumps and  ballet in tight panties, he made swirling turns in the air, and all seven hundred devils swirled with him, someone said - Oh yeah- and suddenly the seductive and exaggerated covetous devil's mistress Supay China danced by his side.

- That man can't be a bandit! "William said suddenly, whipping deftly. The monkeys scattered. He dragged the whip across the ground behind him like a snake. He caressed me with his forked tongue.
We found ourselves in a gloomy, dilapidated and dirty hotel run by two Turkish pimps.

At the reception, the girls stood in high-heeled shoes, smiling affectionately, showing off their naked, silver-gray bodies.
William touched one of them.
The girl looked at him as if bothering her.
- Do you want to know what time you are?
William shook his head.
-You have a damn lovely neck.- And he bent down quickly and kissed her in the soft fluff at the back.
The girl was angry.
- You know you shouldn't do this!
I took William aside.
-Let's go… .Bill… let's go! -.-
William nodded.
The silence is wonderful. Silence is a shrimp soup with noodles. NASA needed to know its minimum biological parameters for a number of purposes, from the survival of life in space and time to the first stage in the colonization of alien worlds.
But that was a long time ago.

Karta na publikaci je .....

Poet video ,,Měsíc není sarkofág“

Nahráno ve Studiu Midian. První část při psaní a vzniku básně, druhá při čtení , smícháno.

Měsíc není sarkofág.

Lubomír Tomik

Měsíc je jen měsíc,
ať je to čas,
ať je to planeta nebo není,

nejsou stržené nehty,
ani pohlazení,

nejsou oči,
ani vyteklé sklivce,

ani nádherné protisluncové brýle,
když svítí Měsíc,

nejsme zavřené sarkofágy v dunách,
Měsíc je jen Měsíc

má Tvůj úsměv v piruetách.


The moon is not a sarcophagus.

Lubomír Tomik

The moon is only the moon,
let it be time
whether it is a planet or not,

nails are not pulled,
not even a caress,

there are no eyes
not even spilled vitreous,

not even gorgeous sunglasses,
when the moon is shining,

we are not closed sarcophagi in the dunes,
The moon is just the moon

has your smile in pirouettes. 

WOW !  Karta ze 78 karet Crowleyho Tarotu....ze 78 karet, bezmyšlenkovitě ji otočím, -Aha.-
Karta je ,,Měsíc."
Ani mne ta možnost nenapadla, ale..... tak to vždycky je...to co chceme dostaneme, až to chtít přestaneme.

Čtení kapitoly 27., části II. ,,A za ruku jsem držel astronautku Petersovou.“

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And i held astronaut Peters by the hand.

Lubomír Tomik

Chapter 27, part II.

I called my London agent and told him about my troubles.
-My dear, it was terrible that I wasn’t here last afternoon. Would a five help you?-
-Hmmm.-I muttered into the handset.
-I’ll be there in a minute, -said the agent.
I hung up in the ghostly fork of a foggy London payphone and said to Bill-Let’s wait.-

So we were slowly lounging down the street and suddenly a little boy with a lamb in his arms passed us, I say, -Look, a real herdsman with a lamb in his arms… -and Bill said- Well yeah, those little grabs always fly around with lambs in their arms.-

Then we went to the place where a holy man or pious Mohammedan knelt and prayed towards Mecca, or the sun, who knows, and symbolically caught the light of the stars in a sack and classified it into two hundred and fifty different kinds of flashes and potatoes, including wild mountain varieties.
-Who’s-I’m talking-Assassin?-
-No-Bill tells me. -It’s a wandering sheriff’s pilgrim who preaches Allah’s Gospel to children, he’s a Hombre que rison, a man who preaches. They just come to them, stare at them and they disappear. chronicles in which they themselves could be.-
We went on with that desire and all that surrounded us, and suddenly someone appeared at the end of a street, a small male figure.

He was my agent.
He ran up to us and was excited.
-Here’s the money. I would show you things the Swedes never dreamed of. Come on.-
We followed him

End of part II.

Karta Velké Arkány Crowleyho Tarotu na publikaci slov ve větrném mrazivém válečném ránu kdy Putýn chrastí atomovkami jako kostmi z lapidária je….

Zpátky doma. Modří kouzelníci.

Zpátky doma. Modří kouzelníci.

Lubomír Tomik

vypni žluč na mobilním telefonu,

kamení se sype a valí v lomech a údolí hlubokých

bohapusté laviny

závaly ve štolách

trámy za noci,

prach dýcháš 
zpátky doma modří kouzelníci

dvě chvíle se střetly

exploze imploze

když se zdá že už je ztracenou vše,
ztratí se zbytky ztraceného,

nový úsvit , nové paprsky
prach prach prach 
částice jsme my sami
jen prach ve větru času

každé ráno je nový boj,
nikdy se nevzdat je to nejlehčí nejtěžší současně

moudré kouzelnice,

rozhazují hrsti prachu jako doprovodné efekty při svých vystoupeních

my ten prach dýcháme,
jak je to úžasné bloudit v lese slov,

ztratit se.


Back home. Blue magicians.

Lubomír Tomik

turn off bile on your cell phone

stones are poured and rolled in quarries and deep valleys

rich avalanche

landslides in the galleries

beams at night,

you breathe dust
  dust dust dust
back home blue magicians

two moments clashed

explosion implosion

when everything seems to be lost,
the remnants of the lost are lost,

new dawn, new rays

particles are ourselves
just dust in the wind of time

there is a new fight every morning
never giving up is the easiest hardest at the same time

wise sorceress,

scatter handfuls of dust as side effects during their performances,

we breathe the dust
how amazing it is to wander in the forest of words

get lost. 

Karta Crowleyho Tarotu na publikaci Modrých kouzelníků je….


Až se probudím z narkózy příště, všechno bude jako dříve. Žádný virus, žádná válka, vstanu a půjdu, žádné zlámané nohy, nic.