ANO. TOTO se děje a nevymýšlím si, znovu a znovu a znovu.

Crowley - 1 - mag
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Lubomír Tomik

Jak hluboké je hrdlo?
Jak hluboká je duše ?
Jak hluboké jsou oční důlky když do nich sestupuje Tvůj obraz?

Když do nich sestupuješ,
obraz je zrcadlový,
sestupuješ a stoupáš do sebe,

hloubka může být slovo


Lubomír Tomik

How deep is the throat?
How deep is the soul?
How deep are the eye sockets as your image descends into them?

When you descend into them,
the image is mirror,
you descend and ascend to yourself,

depth can be a word,

Karta na publikaci těchto slov je ,,Mág".

Crowley - 1 - mag

A je to jako snídaně nad Seinou.

Čtení o osmé večerní ,, A za ruku jsem držel kapitolu 49.“ astronautky Petersové.

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And I held astronaut Peters by the hand.

Lubomír Tomik

Chapter forty-ninth.

Astronaut Peters.

Glass ampoules filled with liquids, white bandages, net drapes, and finally multicolored lozenges in a house made of beams from sunken ships.
Above the entrance, a poor fluorescent lamp shone on the sign- Electricity will hit you if you do it with wet hands!
The peeled branch protrudes from the swamp and resembles an impending finger.
From the cloud of jeep dust, a person they expected the least appeared before them as a revelation: Tata Iwi.
A fat and chubby magician with faces irritated by a recent shave. Priestly cassock. He went up to them without hesitation and said firmly, „Lord God, give you a good afternoon!“

He pointed his head vaguely.
The streets here looked like big shops, with lots of junk everywhere left behind a dozen armies. There was everything you could think of – let’s say: ten thousand meters of army signal wire, wound into balls, very cheap for sale. For whom ? How about a bunch of thorns?
A policeman made his way through the crowded alleys.
-Let everyone get out of my sight! Let them move to America! I don’t care! ”He shouted around.
William grinned: -Hand of the law! –
-We call him Dracula, ”Tata Iwi remarked.

The policeman had a musket, a pistol and a saber, motivation and a momentary willingness to do the thing. He couldn’t wait for the state of emergency to end and everything would be fine.
Daddy Iwi was expecting them.
-Oh, if you could see the mess and the den the man lives in, the floor is dirty, cans scattered everywhere, books, old parchments, masks on the wall, a pipe and a big tomahawk – says Dad with one breath and turns his eyes to the pillar, on he has sharp wrinkles on his foreheads over the age of forty.
Overgrown Dracula nodded his huge, protruding jaws in agreement. His bile could boil the colon.
The hand of the mountain wind pushed me lightly.
I walked over to him.
-We came to You ale -but he interrupted me with a wave of his hand.
-I know. The end is here. In moments of solitude I hear him approaching. Get out.-
-Please. I’ll show you my magic. When the time comes.-
We all left the jeep slowly. William was the last to touch the dust of the road.
An old passion might have awakened.

-And that’s all ? – Officer Dracula asked in disappointment.
Bobby already understood how the computer felt when it was overloaded with data.
A crowd of people made their way through the car. And not just any. We got on and were engulfed by the darkness inside the limousine. She started moving.
Then nothing for a long time.
The driver turned on the radio.
The words filled the space.
Snippets of old phone calls were intertwined for a while, until the sound was clear.

…………. ,,Citizens of the Earth! We are sending an extraordinary message! We are sending an extraordinary message! We’re broadcasting from section 4718, from the studio on the far side of the moon. Our devices have recorded wonderful dreams and visions. From the reports of our agents, it is clear that literary characters are coming to life on Earth! Avoid them! This is a real attack! We do not know how this is possible and who is behind it! I repeat: The attack is real! Citizens of the Earth! Astronaut Peters has begun braking maneuvers! Starship The surf will land as soon as possible! Rescue is coming! The pilot probes will pick up the survivors. The entry coordinates are…“

-then the voice will be silenced.

The black limousine flashes on the hidden photocell and the gate with the bronze bull and hand-forged grille opens. Quite quietly. It’s the fifth time. The sun hanging on the west side of the sky slowly approaches the mountainous horizon and lengthens the shadows.
White pieces slip through her lips.

End of Chapter 49.


Crowley - 7 - valecny vuz

Páteční podvečerní čtení ,,A za ruku jsem držel astronautku Petersovou .“ Kapitola 45.

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Napsáno více jak před deseti lety, jakákoli podobnost se jmény postavami povoláními příjmeními je čistě náhodná nebo je to klasická synchronicita.

Crowley - 21 - vesmir
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And I held astronaut Peters by the hand.

Lubomír Tomik

Chapter Forty-Five.

Or stardust?

Black dog Spot ran with a bark for the white ambulance. The car raced through the streets like lightning. The wounded boy threw up his hands and kept shouting in a pirate voice – I don’t want to go to the hospital! I’m a pirate! –
-You got IT ,Beard men-the medic laughed-just lie in bed and drink castor oil!-
The blond approached him. – No drugs! – He smiled forcedly.
-Just blood.-

The journey ended at the port. The rescue crew unloaded their cargo and began carrying heavy boxes marked Made in Poland, Made in Holland, which a local official counted and wrote down.
I didn’t wait for it to end, but I slipped out and went into town.

Dr. Klein smiled sadly.-The people here are very suspicious about psychiatry. They’re immediately in full armor as soon as I try something like that, so I have to proceed as usual as possible. This is probably not the best way, but even an ordinary patch is better than nothing.-
He set the backpack on the counter, rolled up his massive black mustaches, and said with exaggerated worship — Good evening!
It wasn’t ten in the morning.

He paid for the food, wiped the sweat from his throat with a handkerchief the size of a tablecloth, and added- Colonization will be carried out by the method of the last century, with the only difference being that the soldiers are replaced by police and donkeys by helicopters.
Do you know how they intend to proceed?
He shook his head.-Airborne.-
He waved his hand.
-Pilots are looking for a suitable place to land and the police already know what awaits them.-he added. Then he picked up the discarded circular, opened it, and read the red lines.
-It is not enough to establish contact with the natives. It is necessary to build a police station. There are clashes, blood is flowing. There are losses on both sides, and the idea of ​​civilizing cannibals is bitter for indigenous police officers. There are fewer and fewer who are willing to do this work.
-So we won’t even report to them on the radio? Do you have a walkie-talkie?
I’d rather not even listen, „he said, stunned.

I grabbed his shoulder.- You shrimp! What cabaret did you drag me into? It’s the guy here!
-You’re right, buddy, but I didn’t know what it looked like here either.
The shouted houses drove by Sullivan into the savannah created a neighborhood called the Flycatcher.
The streets of the center remained a complex, impossible solution to the maze. Time passed, lazily, like mud.
Why did I have to go so desperately for more details?

The floor of the room was cleanly washed and covered with a red, already trampled, but thoroughly dusted carpet of old pattern. The beds were great with clean sheets, the table was covered with a flowered tablecloth that reached to the floor, there was an ancient vase with a large bouquet.
The top five chairs were set up around the table.
What are you doing here with the five women? – Matyáš Kometa asked.
Mr. Marek looked like he was undressing a snake.
He blushed like a peony.
Sweet odors. He listened to his life. He often dreamed of childhood beans that bacon, which the heroes of his boyhood, a cowboy, ate in the morning and evening, must taste when they dismounted and made a small fire on the prairie. At that moment, he felt a strange delusion surround him.
It was frowning.
And suddenly something like a terrible, black ghost reaching out of a maze of dark thoughts.
The Captain stood there, leaning forward, until it seemed to either break or vomit.

-You can still die a heroic death, „he told Mr. Mark. But only the old fig trees heard it. It was like a return to the cities of your youth – you can already see on the outskirts how everything has changed during your absence.
So what’s left?
-I’ll get lost in English, ”said the Captain.
The endless voyage through the nights began.

End of chapter forty-five.


Crowley - 21 - vesmir

Poet Video ,,Orfeovo vítězství.“

Vytvořeno ve Studiu Midian.

Napsáno, načteno, nastříhány záběry , které natočil P.L., smíchán zvuk, přidány efekty křídel, řevu, ohně, zkompletováno.


Orpheus' victory.

Lubomír Tomik

Sun and Moon -
Sun and Moon -

reality gears
 fit together

Sun and Moon-
Moon and Sun-

          on the shadows of extinct gas lamps

Sun and Moon-
  one day the sun will go out and the moon will shine,
dragon eyes behind prison walls,

Karta Crowleyho Tarotu na publikaci je 

Crowley - 2 - veleknezka


Orpheus‘ victory.

Orfeovo vítězství.

Lubomír Tomik

Slunce a Měsíc -
Slunce a Měsíc - 

ozubená kola reality
zapadají do sebe

Slunce a Měsíc-
Měsíc a Slunce-

na stínech vyhaslých plynových lamp

představ si-
Slunce a Měsíc-
 jednoho dne slunce vyhasne a měsíc se rozzáří,
dračí oči za zdmi věznic,


Orpheus' victory.

Lubomír Tomik

Sun and Moon -
Sun and Moon -

reality gears
 fit together

Sun and Moon-
Moon and Sun-

          on the shadows of extinct gas lamps

Sun and Moon-
  one day the sun will go out and the moon will shine,
dragon eyes behind prison walls,

Crowley - 18 - mesic

Poet Čtení naživo ve Studiu Midian…kapitola 34.

Crowley - 1 - mag

Čteno, nahráno, natočeno na kameru v notebooku, v nejnižším rozlišení, kvůli množství dat ,ve Studiu Midian.

Zvuk mlžné sirény z archivů BBC , volně dostupný pro neziskové účely , konkrétně: Ships & Tugs: Whistles & Sirens – R.M.S. Queen Mary ship’s siren, three horn blasts, signalling fog warning.

Napsáno více jak před deseti lety, jakákoli podobnost se jmény postavami povoláními příjmeními je čistě náhodná nebo je to klasická synchronicita.

And I held astronaut Peters by the hand.

Lubomír Tomik

Chapter Thirty-Four

The fog is rising

The sky turned strangely white. The fog was born as if on top, thickening into tufts of white cotton wool and falling ominously, almost unreally.
Something emerges from the fog, shadows, voices.
-Knee socks?-
-Green-yellow-red, striped, those stockings.-
-I don’t want! – says pilot Olsen.
He doesn’t look a bit like a pirate. More like a Mexican coffee grower, tight boots, heels sloping. A sand-colored shirt, a leather vest over it, a loose colored scarf tied in the unbuttoned collar. So he goes there calmly, holding a hat like a car wheel in his hands, just new.
He had no desire for any apostolic fate.
-See you, I don’t see.-

  • A little bit? – Olsen asks.
    -Any little.-
    -And the sea? – Olsen asks a second time.
    -I don’t see that either.-
    -So you’re blind?
    -I’m not blind, I only see inside.-
  • But it’s foggy!
    -I’m telling you I can’t see anyway!
    -Base! – Jan won’t be long with Jan when the fog settles! ”Olsen said.
    He puts a huge hat on his head and puts two fingers, his index finger and middle finger on it, he fits the brim – now it’s just great!
    -Is you know a lot? ”Olsen asks again.

  • And so the man tells of the warship Empress Marie, on which he served during the last world war. He was the largest armor of the Black Sea Fleet. It was launched at the beginning of the century and after five years flew into the air in the port of London. Half a mile from shore.
    -It’s a hitherto unexplained event, says the man. First, the warehouse in the first tower exploded, where there were three thousand gunpowder instincts. And that’s how it started. In an hour, the ship was under water. Of the entire crew, only a few men survived…, including me. We saw the rear turret shatter and two monsters emerge like an apocalypse. Then I don’t remember anything, I only came to my hospital.-
    A lady with a pincher emerges from the fog behind the men and says- The men couldn’t do that, it was their job! –
    The other lady appears beside her. He also leads a little raffle on a leash.-No, no.
    One of the women is older, with a flowered scarf on her head, the other rather younger, in a pink dress apron, under which blue pants look down. Olsen gritted his teeth.
    When they both aim Olsen and his hat, it looks like both ladies would like to say something, they both turn their heads, but in the end nothing.
    Olsen sinks into the fog again. The cotton wool closes silently behind him, fits.
    Suddenly, a number of crosses appear, iron crosses that look like the Russian letter ž. They are welded from short pieces of rails. Iron letters stretch to the horizon.
    -These are anti-tank barriers from the ninety-seventh year, ”Olsen says,“ They haven’t removed them yet, but it won’t be long. Everything is running out. This iron will be needed as well.
    He saw them in the darkness of the lab on X-rays, bones without flesh pulsing according to police regulations, hearts beating in the rhythm of a business phone, irregularly, like a Buddha waving a hundred arms.
    Nine-tailed cat.
    Someone covers Olsen’s eyes, two hands behind him. He heard nothing. Not a step, no rustling soles on a damp, foggy street. Now he has to guess!
    A voice spoke.
    -There over the fog the girls dance and the sun shines, they are from the islands… –
    -What the hell girls? What islands! ”Olsen mutters.
    -From the islands in the wind. Palm trees to the sky, blue lagoon. If we got there. I want it! –
    Olsen turns sharply when he feels his palms running back, he wants to know who he’s talking to, but it’s late, the dark outlines of the figure already swallowed by the fog.
    Something was moving in the dim fog.
    Police mold gnawed on the walls.

End of chapter


Crowley - 1 - mag


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Lubomír Tomik

pohodíš hlavou někam k Západu,
pohádková ,

ráno a šero,
jaká jsi za soumraku,
když se vkrádám do Tvých snů
a přístavů ?

utrhni květ,
z mých žil
z mých žil

aby jsi viděla,
že jsem žil

někdo z mých žil 
utrhl květ
vše vypil,  
nachový úsměv

zbylo dosti,
nejen zlámané kosti,

abych mohl pěstmi otevřít šero.




Lubomír Tomik

you throw your head somewhere to the West,

morning and twilight,
how are you at dusk
when I creep into your dreams
and ports?

                      pluck a flower
of my veins
of my veins

so you can see
that I lived

plucked a flower from my veins
purple smile

enough left
not just broken bones,

so I can open the gloom with my fists.

Crowley - 18 - mesic