Čtení v šest hodin odpoledne šest minut šest vteřin…

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And I held astronaut Peters by the hand.

Lubomír Tomik

Chapter Eleven.

Coach Directions.

Tragedy. It was a tragedy. But he wasn’t quite sure.
Eventually he turned, Coaching Directions.
-How do you want to stop him.-
I shook my head: -We have no hope ….-

He turned and addressed the invisible crowds of his faithful: -We will say goodbye and sail on, brothers, we will find an island large enough and fertile enough to grow bread for us, for us all.-
He had lived in London since time immemorial and believed that there was such a thing as islands.
He was tormented by the thought, counting down the hours and composing positive waste. He didn’t even notice that the two metal plates, whose loved ones and friends were merging into a single huge piece of metal: -I couldn’t help them- something suddenly interrupted the flow of his thoughts.
March, the way when gusts of pressure force individual days, days, days, days, days…
He hasn’t eaten body parts yet.
The lungs didn’t have enough air to eat breakfast, now the waves and discontinuous fragments of impulses brought furniture into the cabin.
-The talk won’t help us now.-
Death, Truth, the roar of thunder, and a time of excruciating inevitability awaited the door.
Enough demagoguery, he said.
-I want to mark seconds and minutes with nitroatom structure.-
Do you want to? – Mr. Marek asked.
-I want it… -He whispered Coaches Directions.
Mr. Marek asked, thinking-Dreams and desires, dreams and desires, plans for the future, cha cha.-
-I’ll work on it, ”Coachman Directions said, walking among his invisible faithful.
The beautiful court lady slept. She breathed slowly. Her renaissance clothes were like onion slices. Just peel them off, but so that you don’t cry!

End of chapter eleven.
Crowley - 9 - poustevnik

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