Good plan.

Crowley - 2 - veleknezka

Napsáno čteno nahráno ve Studiu Midian TEĎ .


Dobrý plán.

Lubomír Tomik

byl to dobrý plán,
že už se nevrátíme,

pátrání po tajemstvích
a všech
našich chvílích,
všech ,

květinou mne šlehni,
ať trny zanechají škrábance
      jako od divokých vřískajících koček
s hlavou ztracenou,
                zemřu pod tebou


A good plan.

Lubomír Tomik

it was a good plan
that we will not return

searching for secrets,
and all
our moments
allllllllllll ...

beat me with a flower beat me
let the thorns leave scratches on face 
like from wild screaming cats

with head lost,
        will die under you 

Crowley - 2 - veleknezka

Poet Video z náměstí Svatého Marka.

Ze sbírky ,,Večeře u Minského a jiné básně / 2016 / Modely gondol, zvuky z archivů BBC , volně ke stažení pro neziskové účely- Streets: Venice – St. Mark’s Square, Venice: Quiet, early morning, occasional distant voices, footsteps and pigeons, no traffic. Šumění moře.

Crowley - 11 - chtic

On the gun carriage E.P.
/for You/

Lubomír Tomik

On a carriage of ghosts of running water glued to the red tail lights of death,
E.P. leaves and I wander through Venice,
the gondolas collide,
they shatter easily like couples in love in the early evening,

just like that,
it would be said.
just like that

Nahráno na jaře 2O21 ve Studiu Shaark, Bzenec
E.P. je Ezra Pound.…

xxxx Nevím co se dnes děje….karty Crowleyho Tarotu přicházejí dvakrát.

Náhoda neexistuje.

Crowley - 11 - chtic

Čtení s elektrickou kytarou ,,A za ruku jsem držel astronautku Petersovou“ kapitola 19 část II.

Napsáno více jak před deseti lety, jakákoli podobnost se jmény postavami povoláními příjmeními je čistě náhodná nebo je to klasická synchronicita.

78 karet Crowleyho Tarotu plus dva Mágové a znovu-

Crowley - 13 - smrt
Crowley - 13 - smrt

In the area in front of the church, Don Balosa watches intently and with religious astonishment a small fire.
Several men are debating a little further. They are middle-aged and look like bank clerks. Jackets and rims.
-And if someone killed me?
-That wouldn’t be good either. Even if you committed real suicide, it would spread around the world as news that you had been murdered.
-I do not get it…-
-Do you know the power of the media? Do you know how much gossip is? Do you know the power of the Word?
You have a book about Marilyn Monroe and two of her albums. Your weakness, isn’t it?
He wanted a cigarette, he didn’t dare ask them if he could reach into the ashtray in their presence. So he said- Give me something to drink. Today I smoked until.-
Suddenly he jumped up and threw himself into the corridor. Like my Guardian Angel !!!! –

On the fishing boat, someone comments in amazement: – Champagne! –
And he swallows, almost as if he thought he had drunk.

How much time has passed? Mr. Marek stares into the darkness. The woman next to him is sleeping. It’s quiet now. There is silence in the house. Don Balosa is already sitting in his usual place, at the table.
He is silent, he does not move, just knead the small balls from the bread crumbs.
He conscientiously rounds them up, so that he then rolls them with his palms on the ground.
Suddenly hollow blows.
He stops in fright.
From the upper window of the house you can see Grandpa talking to a man in the corner of the garden, I guess it could be me. It’s me.
Grandpa looks suspicious.
-But I don’t understand what’s going on?
I take him by the arm.
-They’re watching over you. Your situation is unhappy. Once the Surf returns, you’ll have little time to save yourself. Do you actually know who you are? –
I’m shaking with him.
-You’re the one with the key to everything. You know more than I do! you are so damn important… .You have to save yourself.-
-So they’re really watching over me?

In the area in front of the church, seven- to eight-year-old children dance around the mill wheel around the campfire.

Dr. Klein is back. He came to the table and looked at the old man’s body. He took an electric saw and very diligently and deftly began to divide the larger parts into smaller ones. He first started at the wrist. The palm, with thick fingers that looked like sticks, looked like a discarded, unnecessary glove. Only the furrows on the rings indicated that she was once alive and belonged to a human.

End of chapter nineteen.


Čteno s elektrickou kytarou, nahráno ve Studiu Midian.

Crowley - 13 - smrt

Čtení s Fénixem ,,A za ruku jsem držel kapitolu astronautku Petersovou“ Kapitola devatenáct.

Crowley - 13 - smrt

And I held astronaut Peters by the hand.

Lubomír Tomik

Chapter nineteen.

My situation?

I woke up relatively late in the morning. I could tell by the bright daylight gleaming through the cracks in the curtains.
I had a tuft of cotton wool in my head instead of a brain.
It disintegrated into microscopic droplets, which clumped into lumps into something like a sponge, and began to grow and grow.

Everything around was white, only Dr. Klein’s cloak was strewn with blood splatters. And then the table. The bloody and illegible flesh gave off the smell of death.

He finally finished. Sweat beaded on his face and high skull. He put down the tool and contentedly overlooked his work.
-But why the fake waiter… why the fake waiter gave me a glass out of my hand?
The big hand of the old man he had just operated on rests on his head.
There is something comforting in that hand.

-Do you agree with this procedure?-
-Who can explore the product, he can learn something about other things. They wanted to burn all the bridges, stop being inquisitive. But it works, I want to know everything, I want to know everything, I want to try everything. There will be three. You have to save yourself, Doctor. You have forgiving feelings like people of the last century. I wish you a good night and beautiful dreams.-said the old man and died.

The doctor stepped back without a word. When I walked in, he locked the door and locked it thoroughly, in a lot of locks. The corridor sank in the dark. He went first and I followed him, my hand running up the wall. It was kind of conspiratorial and strange. The smell of chemicals lingered in the hot air. Next door.
We went out.

I saw the face of a man, an embarrassed and shy peasant, trying to tell us his judgment.
-I advise you not to listen to anyone’s advice, do not consider mine, I do not hide that I represent certain interests, neither God nor providence has sent me to see you.-
He didn’t care if I believed him or not, and he really continued to enjoy his snail.
Two young men appear, pick him up and take him out of the church.
Dr. Klein turns, proceeds between teeth. – Take him to the brothel.! –
And then it occurred to me that the unfortunate man might have wanted to tell us something important.

Maybe something about the spaceship Surf….



Crowley - 13 - smrt

Kart na publikaci tété audio nahrávky ze Studia Midian je ,,Smrt“.

,,Mám radost ze svého růstu a z toho, že se stále více přibližuji svému původnímu určení.

Dávám volnost lidem i tomu, na čem lpím, s lehkostí a důstojností.

Odpoutání se od minulosti otevírá nové formy objektivity, ke které patří i cit.

Konec nastává, aby mohlo přijít něco nového.

Ano. Začalo to.

A o pár hodin dříve…v předchozím článku dnešního dne :,,nejsem majitelem autorských práv, k videu ani zvuku, kdyby náhodou, článek ihned odstraním, nejdříve jsem se ZEPTAL, důkaz mám……. jen to zapadlo jako ozubená slova do sebe…příprava na dnešní čtení.. . skončil jsem a začal hrát Satyricon. Nový začátek.“

Presence Audio

Crowley - 11 - chtic
Crowley - 11 - chtic
Crowley - 11 - chtic
Čteno a nahráno ve Studiu Midian.



Lubomír Tomik

Rozevláté stíny  očí,
seky mačetou

na třtinových polích a jizvy,
nechtějí se zahojit

rozevláté stíny slov pohledů doteků
minulost budoucnost
minulost budoucnost
minulost budoucnost

přítomnost jeden nádech


Lubomír Tomik

Flaky shadows of the eyes,
machete cuts,

on cane fields and scars,
they don't want to heal

jagged shadows of words glances touches
past future
past future
past future

presence ... in one breath 


Karta Crowleyho Tarotu na publikaci ....
Crowley - 11 - chtic
Jezdkyně na lvu s milionem očí.


Crowley - 7 - valecny vuz
…. někdy na chvíli přinese klid, pak zavolá přítelkyně Bolest….a…

Až a jestli Sivert odpoví, začne nová část… předtím, nápad.

Crowley - 7 - valecny vuz

Čtení , astronautka Petersová, kapitola devatenáctá, v pozadí Sivertův zpěv a hudba Satyricon…

nejsem majitelem autorských práv, k videu ani zvuku, kdyby náhodou, článek ihned odstraním, nejdříve jsem se ZEPTAL, důkaz mám……. jen to zapadlo jako ozubená slova do sebe…příprava na dnešní čtení.. . skončil jsem a začal hrát Satyricon. Nový začátek.

Nový Fénix se zrodí.

A ještě Tarot …teď…a říká… ,,Válečný vůz !“

Crowley - 7 - valecny vuz

,,Přijímám zodpovědnost za vše, co zapříčiním.

Uskutečňuji vše téměř bez úsilí a s úspěchem.

Těší mě střídat období aktivity s obdobím klidu.