Čtení k úternímu obědu ,,A za ruku jsem držel astronautku Petersovou“ Kapitola 24.

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Čteno a nahráno ve Studiu Midian. Napsáno více jak před deseti lety, jakákoli podobnost se jmény postavami povoláními příjmeními je čistě náhodná nebo je to klasická synchronicita.

Toto čtení bylo neobvykle komplikované, před deseti lety jsem byl někdo jiný. Spousta vět padla pod stůl, bylo v nich zbytečně moc…násilí, sexu a nechutností.
Lyrics…. proč ne,

And I held astronaut Peters by the hand.
Chapter Twenty-Four

Meeting these moments.

In the morning, the Milkmaid Granny did not find her three regular customers at home. It was too late to go to the market, so she went around London with her bandas on her shoulder, around the houses.
She walked without result for a long time, until she finally stopped in front of the villa where William lived.
And right after that, the front door slammed shut behind her.
-Let me go-he’ll call almost pleading-If I don’t do it now, I’ll never dare!
Mud splatters froze on her forehead, her dress crumpled and stained.
She asked in horror: -Hello! Hello! Speak up! Which donkey tears the line and sends stupid signals?
There is silence for a while.
-Aaaaaaa-then there’s the sound of a huge male voice.-And hold on tight!
William was taking off his leather gloves. He had a swollen vein over his eyes, almost like a smudge of oil. He had the sweaty, tired expression of a man who had done his job well. He bowed a little and greeted Grandma.
-I’m glad- he said almost elegantly.
He unbuckled his knee strap, tossed a false wooden leg into the grass, ran back to the house, and took off his wig and beard along the way.
Instead of manure, he now smelled of toilet water.
-And you, you look like this. -He said.
Grandma’s Milkman rolled her eyes, raised her eyebrows, and looked innocent.
A face peeked out of the door.
William suddenly magically moved to those deep eyes at the door.
Then he kisses this beautiful and gentle face and easily pushes her away.
-You goose, ‚said William.
And the amorous boxer holds and blushes as William caresses his nature with a light motion.
-And you disappear, go away.-says William and Grandma’s milkman will disappear, as will the steam above the pot. The observed water boiled.
-Eh… -makes a young boxer incapable of any reaction.
The clock on the tower strikes another quarter. The day is over, a busy day.

Crowley - 1 - mag

They all took their places.
-In the garden of house number thirty-three, unknown men stabbed all the apples from the tree, breaking two branches and stomping the flowerbed, ”Commissioner Sullivan announced indignantly.
Whose house is it?
-I-sounded embarrassed.
-Who could have done that?
-This is the work of Umberto Eco and his companion, Rexroth calls himself.
-Piggy, ”someone said.
-Still the Eco. – The polar explorer thought. – Jim, did you talk to him? –
-He end talk.-
-And what ?-
-I had to give him a pair over the stick! –
-And the result ?-
He gave it back to me!
-I gave him a stick and he gave it back to me? And that’s all ? What is the benefit of this? -It was silent for a while.-Okay, we’ll take care of Eco.-
-What do we have there?
-The grandmother of the milkman in house number twenty-five was taken to the police by her son.
We have our sign on the gate since yesterday! Who made it there? You Sullivan? –
-So why is the upper left tip of the star twisted like a earthworm? Once you got into it, you should have done it right! We’ll just be laughing at everyone like that!
A goat is lost in house number fifty-four. I walked around and saw a grandmother beating a little girl. I yelled at her Aunt! The law forbids beating the children!
-Where did she run to her?
-But over there in the gorge behind the draw, she bit into the trees and suddenly it was down .-
Who’s owning the house!
-Poet Smil from Pardubice. The little one is his daughter. They called her Zuza. And her grandmother beat her. I don’t know her name. And the goat is gray with a black comb and her name is Maňka.
-Find the goat-commanded the Polar Polar.-The squad will have four men. You go, you and you two. Is that all?
-In house number twenty-two, not far from Fields of Honor, a little frog is crying-they said hesitantly Gejka.
And why is he crying?
-I asked, but she didn’t want to tell me.-
-You should have asked better! –
-I asked, but she didn’t want to tell me! –
-How big was she?
Four years!
-That’s bad! If only she had a sense! But four years old! And whose house is it?
-Lieutenant Pavlov. He, you know, recently fell on the border.
„I asked, but she didn’t want to tell me.“ Polarist Gejka said indignantly. Then he frowned and thought. – All right, I’ll take care of it myself. Don’t worry about this.-
-Umberto Eco is on the horizon! -The observer announced aloud. We should send a squad there to get a couple of them! –
-It is not necessary. Everyone stay in your places.-
He jumped the dormer on the roof. He went down the ladder and disappeared into the bushes. But the observer was making a new report.
-I see an unknown pretty girl with a jug at the gate buying milk. He probably lives in this villa.
Commissioner Sullivan tugged at Gejka’s sleeve. „Is this your sister?“
-Don’t get excited, -Gejka said mockingly. -You have nothing to command me!
-Hold back — Kolya chuckled — or I’ll scratch your eyes!
Me? „Sullivan said.“ – I’m not afraid of your claws. What do I have muscles from? Look at those hands! And… feet! –
And the image of Police Commissioner Sullivan’s hairy calves was bright.

End of chapter twenty-four.


Crowley - 1 - mag
No…co k tomu dodat.

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