In the picture of J.P. Na obrazu J.P. Jen pro Tebe. Only for You.

Kvůli použití zvukových efektů prosím doporučuji poslech ve sluchátkách. Due to the use of sound effects, I recommend listening in headphones. A zavřít oči, prosím, vážně…díky and close your eyes,seriously, thanks.

In the picture of J.P. Read and recorded FOR YOU in Studio Shaark , sound engineer Pavel Hlavica.
In the picture of J.P.

Lubomir Tomik

 In the image of J.P.
 maybe a woman in black leather,
 maybe She's sitting in the grass  ,whispering something to me,
 maybe She's almost as beautiful as You.

 maybe it's all i want,
 perhaps only in the image of J.P.,
 maybe it extends,
 like a drop in water

 straight from the heart
  straight from Your

hea  r                                        t
hea            r                  t
hear                    t
from ,,Dinner at Minski´s „/2016/