Peoytl likes sound … Read underground in the basics of the basilica in Velehrad, for You, real underground.

Za dvacet let uvidíme….sílí, roste, mohutní

Peyotl má rád zvuk. Z chystané sbírky mých básní Mapa kontinentu Tvého srdce.Čteno pro Tebe 11.12.20 v základech baziliky na Velehradě, oficiálně , se svolením.

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Peyote likes sound.

Lubomír Tomik

On the way here, on the way here, on the way here,
dress off the buttons, took a step aside and the train numbered the screen
to a cluster of pixels and you were a little angry, there was no reason
a little frown,
it makes You different.

I walked under the constellation Cygnus in those few days,
desire of hope ,disappointment with rage, gratitude ,snail , kiss bruises.

You have everything and I have nothing,
I am a knight from place castle Emptiness,,
crazy man with a wooden sword.

He took a step aside, two man stand at Jack Keouac’s grave,
he was weathered, the sky under a cloud,
black was the color of the cat,
sad face.

You are my deep rose,
we are bound together,

by the web of constellation.

From the upcoming collection of my poems Map of the continent of Your heart. Read and recorded 11.12.20 in the foundations of the basilica in Velehrad, with permission, officially.

For You.