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Kutálí se.

Lubomír Tomik

kutálí se trny,
kutálí se  háji olivovníků

kutálí se nocí pastýřů,
kutálí se tmou,

vyrvanou z času,

mám před Tebou jedenáct let náskok
a trvalo mi tři roky porozumět

přesvědč noc aby vycházela ráno,
soumrak aby přišel za svítání

Slunce má hřejivé paprsky, může i spalovat,
vypalovat rány,
kde nejsou,
čas je další noc
další den,
i když  dávno nebudem.


She's rolling.

Lubomír Tomik

the thorns roll
    through olive groves

 rolls with the night of the shepherds,
rolls through the night
torn from time

I've been ahead of you for eleven years
and it took me three years to understand

persuade the night to come out in the morning,
dusk to come at dawn

The sun has warm rays, it can burn,
burn wounds
where they are not
time is another night,
next day,
even if we be there,
 won't for a long time
from Promethea- is a comic book series created by Alan Moore, J. H. Williams III and Mick Gray, published by America’s Best Comics/WildStorm.“ Number 12.

Starry Ocean.

Starry ocean.

Lubomír Tomik

We threw ourselves into a hydrogen jukebox of
our dreams.

And the songs that will start playing in a while,

they will be incredible
will be unique.


They drive out emptiness!


Hvězdný oceán.

Lubomír Tomik

Naházeli jsme do vodíkové hrací skříně
naše sny.

A songy které začnou za chvíli hrát,

budou neuvěřitelné,
budou jedinečné.


Zaženou prázdnotu!


Trumfová karta Crowleyho Tarotu na publikaci slov po noci skoro beze spánku v nemocnici je…jak jinak .


Promethea is a comic book series created by Alan Moore, J. H. Williams III and Mick Gray, published by America’s Best Comics/WildStorm.

Poet Video pro Tebe ,,Arzenály noci !“

Studio Midian. Mé oči, freska z Paláce Dáreia I. v Súsách.
Melodie L.T. , basová kytara.

The arsenals of the night.

Lubomír Tomik

You're every cracked vein in my eyes
You're a boiler of blood blazing
You are dawn
You are a day
You are an arsenal of the night
You're a bullet folding from shadows extending with amazing accuracy
I became the target without wanting

Vein river stems in the mountains

to rupture.

....Karta Crowleyho Tarotu na publikaci je znovu ,,liveD" a vůbec to není podivné....jak řekl Alan Moore,  'The one place gods inarguably exist is in the human mind' Ďáblové také.

The land of subtlety.

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Krajina jemnosti.

Lubomír Tomik


             jako déšť
tiše nekonečně 

se dotknout,

nechat svět zmizet,
v krajině jemnosti

jezdci na vyslovených zaklínadlech,
kde snad měsíc mizí ve vlnách
kde se vynoříme a jdeme

do skřípání rotorů helikoptér noci 
bez Tebe


The land of subtlety.

Lubomír Tomik

just like this:
         like rain
quietly infinitely cute

to touch
make the world disappear
in the land of subtlety

riders on pronounced spells,
where perhaps the moon disappears in waves
where we emerge and go

to the creaking of helicopter rotors at night,
without You 

Ke katedrále. Audio for brave.

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Doporučený, nerušený poslech- , dívat se na fotografii, spustit audio z TEĎ s Tebou ve Studiu Midian

a zavřít oči.

Vyčkat až zvony přestanou znít.

Odvážíš se ?

To the cathedral .Church Bells: Czechoslovakia – Brno Cathedral bells ringing. (Bells c. 17th century.)


Ke katedrále.

Lubomír Tomik

koušeme spolu
koušeme do mrtvoly města smutku
koušeme do ztvrdlé koblihy
každý z jedné strany

tato klec je pro mne ničím,
grandiózní přemety na hrazdě smrti

víření virblu bez záchranné sítě,
            polévka míchaná nezmapovaným územím pouličních lamp,

v mlze kličkuješ,
objevíš se znenadání,
vpal do mne celé zásobníky pohledů Tvých očí,

chci sejít schody,
chci zdolat velehory,
přistát na Marsu,
vkráčet do Noci v Katedrálách

včera někdo navrtal břízu ,
plakala do láhve a pak jsme pili její slzy,
chutnaly sladce,

jako prameny 
        pod katedrálami!


To the cathedral.

Lubomír Tomik

we bite
we bite together
we bite into the corpse of the city of sorrow
we bite into a withered donut
                                     each on one side

this cage is nothing to me
grandiose somersaults on the trapeze of death

vortex swirl without safety net,
             soup mixed with uncharted territory of street lamps,
you zigzag in the fog,
 appear suddenly

shot to me all magazines of Your eyes

I want to go down the stairs,
I want to conquer the mountains,
land on Mars,
stepping into the Night in the Cathedrals

someone drilled a birch yesterday,
she cried into the bottle and then we drank her tears,
they tasted sweet,

like springs under cathedrals! 

Vyloženě kouzlo pro Tebe, včera jsem opravdu pil z břízy, skoro litr mízy,
chutnala sladce a . Jako Ty.

Karta na publikaci nečekaných slov o katedrálách a břízách je.... karta Crowleyho Tarotu-

Sobotní čtení ,,A za ruku jsem držel astronautku Petersovou“ kapitola padesátá první.

Chapter fifty ONE.
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And I held astronaut Peters by the hand.

Lubomír Tomik

Chapter Fifty-One.

- Devil, he said.

The captain frowned at the long tables. There was everything: whiskey, rum, alcohol, disgusting Japanese sake and also white vodka from Smirnov's plant.
At that moment, the bells rang. It was a kneeling, but Carmen Rosa winced in fright because she didn't realize how time was flying, nor did she notice that dusk was coming.
A silhouette of Don Carmelite appeared in the open door that connected the shop to the hallway.
-Andel of the Lord preached Mary, 'she said.
And Carmen Rosa answered, just like every night- And she started from the Holy Spirit.-
-Let's have a drink- she suggested then.- I want to drown this mood.-

Half an hour later, in the shady corner of the small bar, she raised her glass with renewed courage.
-For the two of us. As long as we want each other, everything is fine. What they can do to us. It's not just Algeria. It's still about gaining time. At worst, we'll go together wherever you want. After the lesson I got here, I'm not afraid of anything anymore. I just need to know you want me.-
She held a boiled artichoke in her hand, half peeled. I no longer had ears for her eternal longing. She spoke somewhat pathetically and with hand gestures, usual for a pretty woman. The door was ajar, and yet, in a matter of suffocation, she cried out one last time and venomously -Peach!
Everything fit over Kamchatka, led by hope.
-I kept a photo album -I told Carmen Rose. -If you're interested, I'll show you everything. But I warn you, some pictures are quite dramatic.-

-Ship slaughterhouse.-The captain grinned.-A beautiful cemetery of dead ships. They really do exist. I often felt something like a grip on my heart when I discovered a broken, perhaps half-sunken wreck, infested with rust and clams.
- Devils!
A man's voice from down the street shouted the word so loud it penetrated the closed window.
- Do you have hay in your head?
Urgent and thirsty Tony Roberts insisted. And he applauded like he was at a bar somewhere in Dallas or Houston.
-Three times brandy, you little ones, but move the background, you have a lot of workload! - came from the clouds of thickening smoke.
The waitress dropped the dirty towel and, without further ado, poured some clear liqueur from the bottle into two suspicious glasses. She refilled the glass with water. The liquid immediately became milky and smelled of anise. She pushed the glasses in front of us.
-At least that's luck. -I thought. - Thank God I'm not a booze slave. - I felt sorry for the Captain. Sad case.
Under the bright light of fluorescent lights.

The two serving Indians ran eagerly here and there with enamel trays in their hands. Tiburcio and the fat Cuban tried just as hard.
- A spaghetti woman?
-No spaghetti, no macaroni, no ravioli, no meat, and -o -n- l -y vegetable for indians. -Six indians! —And spread five fingers, then left only his thumb up and fencing with him, still commanding the herd around him in the same jovial tone.

There was music, unknown and not soothing. Bows, drums, flutes. She ran from the turntable behind a man in a merchant navy uniform dancing on the carpet, dignified, serious, lonely. He had olive skin and a black mustache, twisted at the end like a pirate in a pantomime. A glass of beer hovered in the Captain's hand, swaying rhythmically to the music. Lili came out of the kitchen, a tray of other beer and a bottle of Vat 69 in her hand.

A wet, stuffy early evening, pregnant with French gasoline, anesthetized him just like a pernod.
-Half a pound of coffee beans, Dear Lili. -the child's voice screamed, and Carmen Rosa recognized the voice of Niacor, the minister who said at the funerals: -Amen.-
The film of our shipwreck still didn't end there.

The captain got up and headed for the door. He pursed his lips so hard that his mouth looked like a line. He caught an atomically minimal echo of hectic spherical whistling as a line of fire flashed through the black sky.
He remembered sitting in a guard basket during the dead afternoon, looking up at the long-vanished bomber squadrons that were scattering death somewhere over China.

Then a wet night engulfed him. And he disappeared again into the silent valleys.
There was a heartbreaking scream of the locomotive from the station, which set off from the taiga express direction to London.
It seemed like a good omen and filled him with joy.

End of Chapter 51.

Čteno a nahráno ve Studiu Midian , v pozadí zvuky noci v roce 1981 z Archivu BBC, volně dostupné pro neziskové účely, konkrétně - Night Atmosphere - With frogs and doves NB: Exact date of recording in 1981 unknown
Karta na publikaci čtení v je....

,,A za ruku jsem držel astronautku Petersovou. Kapitola 46, část druhá. Bez omluv.

Napsáno před více jak deseti lety, jakákoli podobnost s kýmkoli je náhodná, stejně tak s místy , činy, slovy, anebo je to synchronicita. NEBUDU se nikomu omlouvat nebo cenzurovat své psaní, za to , co vzniklo před více jak deseti lety , střihovou metodou. Vlastně…. čím dál tím více a v kratších časových intervalech se mi stává, cokoli napíši, ač je to jakkoli nepravděpodobné, o den, týden, měsíc rok tři roky deset let věci jména místa ožijí.

Za to se přece nemusím a nebudu nikomu omlouvat, nebo se jakkoli cenzurovat,…PROČ ?

Jestli si nebudu stát za tím co jsem udělal, jsem jen pozér.

Už se nebudu omlouvat, ani lhářům do očí, ani nikomu jinému.


Zítra taky můžeme být mrtví.


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And I held astronaut Peters by the hand.
Lubomír Tomik
Chapter Forty-Six.
 Part two.

A man hung on his half-overturned telegraph pole, his hands twisted behind his back.
The state psychiatric building was located on the outskirts of Bellefleur. She was beautiful, all white, surrounded by a well-groomed lawn, awe-inspiring. It gave the impression of a first-class institution.
The head of the institute, Dr. William Klein, also looked first class. Smart face and pleasant behavior. But there was something Mephistopheles in his expression.
-I read your report on the evidence at your disposal. Time shifts, grotesque corpses and everything else. One man even sells military binoculars here. It's a submarine trophy. Right binoculars. But! The teapot is whistling! ”He rolled his eyes.
-Heavy night trains, quiet closed, curtains drawn. Would that be possible at all?
He fell silent and wrapped two aspirins in white paper.
It was a powerful body part.

Not even the sparrow chirped. Perhaps everyone drowned somewhere in the troughs that night, such a sparrow doesn't need much and it is lucky for him that it doesn't take too long with him. He'll get enough of it before he takes some of the horse droppings.
One sometimes has to dive, sink to the bottom like a sea sponge hunter. Memories are there, whole bushes, whole colonies, some prickly like sea urchins, some tender, like sea cucumbers.
-So the past remains?
-Not yet, he's in a pressure chamber. ”Klein replied. He turned his head like a praying mantis.
-There will always be violence as long as there are people who use it. Remember that. Remember it very well. -
At that moment, the first flare flew out. It flashed in height, crackled at the top, and scattered into a red grape. Behind her second, third.
Dr. Klein took off his jacket, and in a moment he was ringing on the fourteenth floor of police officer Otakar Vlcek. Round curves, calm and experience.

Otakar Vlček never worked for money, only for food or clothes. He went to the Thames for water when they gave him lunch, and in a few hemp shoes he helped out in a small country homestead.
When he drank, he usually had had enough after his third glass and then spoke foreign languages ​​that he didn't really know, but that he could instinctively imitate.
-I louching for som ram! Or also - Si vu plé, kes ke sé, le mesié, kom si liguére! -
The door suddenly opened.
Otakar Vlček stood like a wax figure from the panorama, a bit like a failed painting of an emperor without a goatee.
-Thousands of thunder! Or a three-torch flashlight! One gentleman, in the winter, in the mountains, when he had a flashlight, but she was a master! Big as a cannon! -
-The eyelids are inflamed, Klein thought.
They met again, beardless lab technicians, without a trace of their own past.
The fire, meanwhile, intensified.
- Do you want your wife to be okay?
-Sir! When you heal my wife, I will give you five pigs!
Klein looks at Wolf. -Five pigs! Such wealth! - But he means it ironically.

-Otakar Vlcek ! Find and kill William Seward Burroughs, a man from nowhere who has forgotten his mission and your wife will be healed! But before you send him to the afterlife, you'll find out what he was looking for at Tata Iwi. That little bakelite box is a German tape recorder, which I connected to your body with your permission, it takes energy from you. Recording is continuous, it records everything until you complete your task.-
-I wonder if you could shoot how the turtle eats. -Vlček thought.
He said it didn't fumble.

Klein's eyes were suddenly like the head of a crook.
-The patient does not move! The patient does not move! I can't see his face. It will probably be a woman! Sported Klein suddenly himself.
The wolf froze. He wanted to howl and whimper.

-The commanders are a few, a dozen, a hundred. But there are millions of us who suffer saber blows and bow our heads. I say there is something that can be done. I know something can be done, "said Wolf.
Klein just walked away and plucked a peppercorn flower in his fingers.
Otakar Vlček closed the door of the apartment on the fourteenth floor behind him.
He walked through the room, opened the closet, and pulled out a pistol. He turned on the turntable and sat down in his chair.

It was a Christmas song Jingle Bells, and it was sung by a dog barking rhythmically to the sounds of music.- Haf Haf Haf, Haf Haf Haf Haf, Haf Haf Haf Haf Haf Haf!WOOOOWWWW! -
But in the end, Otakar Vlček found himself in a motorboat loaded with six men and ten shotguns and three thousand American twelve-caliber bullets. The night was warm and humid. Otakar  actually shot very well and now he wanted to enjoy it.

End of chapter forty-six. 

Co to je ? ,,Kuňský trus"  ,,Mořští jezdci ?"
Znovu a je to karta ,,Spravedlnost"

...karta Crowleyho Tarotu na publikaci slov pro :


Čteno a nahráno ve Studiu Midian, zvuky nemocnice v pozadí z Archivu BBC, pro neziskové účely volně dostupné ,několik drobných jazykových chyb je způsobeno mimo jiné i mou zdrátovanou čelistí , co se dá dělat. Takový už je život. Jsem plný slov citů a železa. 
Sakra, taky jsem to dávno mohl vzdát!

NIKDY ! A teď, když se válčí o jeden stát vedle -Česko.....        Slovensko a Ukrajina -už vůbec NE !
Chci aby mi z konečků prstů cákala krev, jak budu bušit do klávesnice a mít Tě před očima !

Poet Video z vyhlášené restaurace ,,O Místě II.“

Crowley - 20 - aeon


O místě II.

Lubomír Tomik

s Ní sním o místě
kde se dobře najíme,

na jídelním lístku
Adamovo žebro,
Mohamedova pupeční šňůra


About the place II.

Lubomír Tomik

I dream of a place with her
where we eat well

on the menu
Adam’s rib,
Muhammad’s umbilical cord


ze sbírky ,,Noční stěhováci “ /2019/

Fotky obálky z japonského lesa Aokogihara.

Autorka obálky grafička Klára Sedláčková

Crowley - 20 - aeon

,,…žena s tělem barvy noční oblohy


Fotografie od Angela Roma na



Lubomír Tomik

pohodíš hlavou někam k Západu,
pohádková ,

ráno a šero,
jaká jsi za soumraku,
když se vkrádám do Tvých snů
a přístavů ?

utrhni květ,
z mých žil
z mých žil

aby jsi viděla,
že jsem žil

někdo z mých žil 
utrhl květ
vše vypil,  
nachový úsměv

zbylo dosti,
nejen zlámané kosti,

abych mohl pěstmi otevřít šero.




Lubomír Tomik

you throw your head somewhere to the West,

morning and twilight,
how are you at dusk
when I creep into your dreams
and ports?

                      pluck a flower
of my veins
of my veins

so you can see
that I lived

plucked a flower from my veins
purple smile

enough left
not just broken bones,

so I can open the gloom with my fists.

Crowley - 18 - mesic

Večer s Tebou šest….

…a je to ,,Zámek“


Lubomír Tomik


Slyšíš ?
když Noc se Úplňku klaní,
bledá vlastním strachem ze svítání,

to táhlé a hladové je vlčí vytí,

dám Ti k nohám lesní kvítí,

čtyřnohé pastorále,
čenichy u země větří,
stopa je čerstvá.


Lubomír Tomik


Do you hear
when Night bows to the Full Moon,
pale with her own fear of dawn,
Do you hear

the long and hungry is the wolf's howl,

I will give you forest flowers at your feet,

four-legged pastorals,
muzzle winds at the ground,
the footprint is fresh.

Beru karty tak jak jsou v balíčku po posledním míchání...a zatím je příběh takový-
Královna Holí se Soužila, Smrt musela být, jinak by jsi na lvu Chtíče nejela a  karta Crowleyho Tarotu na Šestý Večer s Tebou je ,, ŠEST DISků", Miluji Tě.
Crowley - sestka disku

Crystal smile.

Fotografie od Klaus Nielsen na


Kříšťálový úsměv.

Lubomír Tomik

křišťálový úsměv nebe vyčaroval Tvé pousmání

píseň našeho chleba,

den a noc,
dobro a zlo,

naše každodenní pokrmy

křišťálový úsměv Tebe a

země elektrických nočních můr

co na to sejde,
když tam někde v dálce JSI,

pečeme další chleby,
připravujeme další jídla
cizí obrazovky září do Noci,

my prožíváme vlastní příběh,
píšeme si ho sami a jmenuje se :

,,Křišťálový úsměv"

V hlavní roli - TY


Crystal smile.

Lubomír Tomik

the crystal smile of the sky conjured Your little shiny smiles,

the song of our bread,

day and night,
good and evil,

our daily meals

crystal smile you and

land of electric nightmares,

what comes together
when somewhere in the distance YOU are

we bake more breads,
we are preparing other meals
alien screens glow into the night,

we live our own story,
we write it ourselves and it is called:

"Crystal Smile"

In the lead role - YOU

Karta Crowleyho Tarotu na publikaci nedělních slov pro Tebe, venku mrzne, přikryj mne sametem, karta je .... 
,,Slovo chtíč, touha má v angličtině podobu lust a má stejný základ slova jako slovo lustre, které znamená lesk, třpyt, světlo. Nemůžeme „zevnitř vyzařovat", pokud neovládáme svou vnitřní energii, svou osobní sílu. Lidé, kteří ji umí projevit, jako by skutečně září. Síla a světlo jsou dvě kvality, které se často nedají oddělit. V jiných karetních souborech se tento symbol nazývá Síla neboli krása, jež zkrotila zvíře. V egyptském hieroglyfickém písmu jsou síla a světlo vzájemnými synonymy, tj. ve svém původním významu stejná."

tRumfová.kEdeNáctá. Kráska a zVíře.  ,,chtíč" AnO. chcI.

Crowley - 11 - chtic
,,Osoby narozené ve Lvu budou vašimi důležitými zrcadly, odrážejícími váš potenciál projevovat se tvůrčím způsobem.

Dostal jsem šanci…

na něco opravdu vyjímečného, bude to…výzva. Všechno teď bude trochu jinak.

Druhá šance je vlastně takový…přepych, trošku nereálná situace.

A Ty… v úplňkové Noci , rituál.

TY a víš přece kolikrát ještě, správné číslo







slyš je

slyš je

slyš je


Tvé jméno je Krása.

Tvá Karta Crowleyho Tarotu je

Crowley - ctyrka holi


,,něco končí a současně něco začíná


Měsíc nad naší zahradou..nebo tunel ke světlu? Velmi podobné a šťastnou náhodou jsem zachytil CO se vlastně stalo, natočená vzpomínka.

Lubomír Tomik

eyes full of Your tender fingers,
walked around the room
step  step   step    step by step  ets pets pets

of You

applause is borne by the country,
with an open window,
among the clouds
the Sun,
the Moon

Your fingers full of  tender eyes,

eyes full of Your tender fingers


Karta na publikaci Poet Videa je ,,Kolo štěstí“

Crowley - 10 - kolo stesti


Fotografie od Alesia Kozik na



Lubomír Tomik

uprostřed rozvalin
a skrytých sněhových projektilů
přilétajících z nebe za úsvitu-

posedlí tichem 
a nářkem Noci-

jen bezcílné putování za krásou,

za Tebou



Lubomír Tomik

in the middle of ruins
        hidden snow projectiles
arriving from the sky at dawn

obsessed with silence
to cry at the Night-

just aimless wandering for beauty,

to You

Gift with a meaning : Own bamboo.

Crowley - ctyrka mecu

A karta na publikaci je ,, Příměří“ , karta Crowleyho Tarotu, plním slib tímto článkem.


,,Dárek s Významem“ pro Tebe…protože najednou …je možné VŠECHNO.
Dárek s významem 
:   Vlastní bambus.

Lubomír Tomik

vybral jsem si dárek s významem, vlastní bambus a až zakoření a povyroste trochu více,

 chci z  něj zbudovat:

                             obrovskou tyč s níž se odrazím, 
až Tobě do náruče,

lešení pro stavbu Babylónské Věže a z nebe budou padat slovníky

bambusová párátka ručně nabroušená, tajuplné louče v mlhách
a zastřené hlasy,

pochod nocí na
tajená místa,
uprostřed lesí,
uprostřed srdců.


A gifts with meaning
 : own bamboo.

Lubomír Tomik

I chose a gifts with meaning, own bamboo and up to root and grow a little more,

 I want to build from it:

                       a huge rod with which I bounce,
into your arms,

scaffolding for the construction of the Tower of Babel and dictionaries will fall from the sky

bamboo toothpicks hand sharpened, mysterious beams in the mist
and veiled voices,

march of nights on
secret places
in the middle of the woods,
in the middle of hearts.
Fotografie od Suat iNAN na


Poet Video : ,,Jeď zlehka „

Take it easy, girl.  

 This is how imagines the first settlers,
 a mixture of troubadours and fools,
 right hand carelessly caught with the thumb

 face with meteor scars
 burning like him

 ride lightly, girl
 ride lightly

 the path is littered with the remains of the eyes

 ride lightly girl
 ride lightly

 the road turns to Night

 This is how you imagine your first lovers,
 a mixture of shapes and superciliary arches,
 right hand carelessly hairy over the thumb,
 face full of smiles of saber-toothed tigers,

 nothing has changed
 nothing has changed
 nothing has changed

 ride lightly, girl
 ride lightly

 as long as it goes
 it won't be like that forever.

Crowley - osmicka mecu
,,Vměšování “ je karta Crowleyho Tarotu na publikaci.

,,….nastává doba, kdy není dobré jednat, ale kdy je třeba vyčkat.“

Proč ne ?


Jak jinak, události se valí jako lavina z hor, během chvíle karta Crowleyho Tarotu na dnešní 666. den :

,,Velekněžka “

Crowley - 2 - veleknezka
,, Intuice je jako ,,velké tiché jezero“

a téměř okamžitě přišly fotografie od D.O. z Prahy, kde je na služební cestě…a večer chodila prázdným městem :

,,Ve velkém moři Bina, za Noci času“… Babalon, pro Tebe.

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Lubomír Tomik

the blade of Alenka's shoes,

early cold,
early hunger,
early eye dance,

we can see every thing,

dressed in scarlet.




Lubomír Tomik

břit Alenčiny boty,

brzký chlad,
brzký hlad,
brzký tanec očí,

každou věc můžeme vidět,

do šarlatu oděna.

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Karta na publikaci , karta Crowleyho Tarotu:

Crowley - sedmicka poharu

Nejsou jen dobré karty, někdy jsou i ty nejhorší, dobré vědět, můžu s tím bojovat.

Night ghosts.

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Noční duchové.

Lubomír Tomik

překvapení úvodem,
nejsou žádní noční duchové,

v téhle jeskyni jsi svědkem iniciačního představení

divadla o dvou hercích zaklesnutých do sebe,

nová světla, nové stíny,

duchové, bohové, postavy z příběhů,
žijeme obklopeni stárnoucími obrazy, sny druhých,
copak to nevidíš ?

Chtěl bych se dívat jak se mi měníš před očima a říct...,,Já Tě znám ."



Night ghosts.

Lubomír Tomik

surprise introduction,
there are no night ghosts,

in this cave you are witnessing an initiation performance

theaters of two actors stuck together,

new lights, new shadows,

ghosts, gods, characters from stories,
we live surrounded by aging images, dreams of others,
can't You see that?

I would like to watch You change before my eyes and say ... "I know you."

I don't know.
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