Read and recorded once for you in Studio Shaark
Ezra is angry.

Lubomír Tomik

Ezra pulled me over the head again
It was morning, I got up and everything hurt and now!

all that talk of heartless poetry

it is not enough to support the palace of fantasy
bread shoes charming charming demimondena Death?

from ,,Večeře u Minského" /2016/

On the gun carriage of phantoms E.P. Na lafetě přízraků E.P.

On the gun carriage E.P. Read and recorded for You in Studio Shaark
On the gun carriage E.P.
/for You/

Lubomír Tomik

 On a carriage of ghosts of running water glued to the red tail lights of death,
  E.P. leaves and I wander through Venice,
 the gondolas collide,
 they shatter easily like couples in love in the early evening,

  just like that,
 it would be said.
 just like that

/and E.P. is ...of course....                                                                                              ...Ezra. /                Ezra Pound z pohledu odložené dcery | Hospodářské noviny (iHNed.cz)

I eat Ezra Pound at breakfast. U snídaně se zalykám Ezrou Poundem.

I eat Ezra Pound at breakfast. Recorded in Studio Shaark, Bzenec.
I eat Ezra Pound at breakfast.

Lubomír Tomik

 at breakfast I swallow Ezra Pound and the metric system of rail poetry
 at breakfast I swallow hot coffee with milk sprinkled with a drop of hysteria

 I take off the gravedigger 's socks
 I take off the watery brioche

 I'm cutting down,
  falling to the heat of Your fireplace,
                                                          strike out with a match,

 I disappear,

 I will disappear with thousands of sparks,
 inside You.
From the ,,Večeře u Minského and other poems “ / 2016/