One Word in Studio Shaark !

Recorded today with Paul Speckmann and sound engineer Pavel Hlavica on session in Studio Shaark , great experience today for me and…and something very special and exceptional has happened, but about that next time, who wants to come in for a while and see how Paul Speckmann is working on recording a new album, this is maybe three minutes but … it’s hours of his hard work, You are welcome!

Plague of Tyranny.

Plague Of Tyranny is a death metal band, members, Alex Bouks Guitars, Paul Speckman Vocals, Chuck Sherwood Bass, Jim Roe Drums
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Lyrics by Paul Speckmann.
Photo by Jan Kopu0159iva on

Should we look with Paul into the Eyes of the Snake? Yes !!!

Paul in Studio Shaark ,where vocals for the song was recorded.