„Who’s there, my God, who’s there?“

Hemingway, Fitzgerald, And The Round That Went On Too LongThe Fight City
„Who’s there, my God, who’s there?“ Read and recorded for You in Studio Shaark
"Who's there, my God, who's there?"

Lubomír Tomik

 Ernest Hemingway knocked out a phone booth,
 it was only afternoon,
 guy in an old STB secret police coat
 with a leather bag and an injured spine entered a roundabout,
 the cars stopped indecisively and the drivers didn't know what to do,
 the guy in the orange overalls was walking on the railway embankment,
 for a moment he even seemed to be able to control the tracks and sleepers
 but then he looked at the track in front of him
 he stared until his eyeballs fell out
 and on the gleaming tracks they rolled toward the unknown,
head to all the tattoo ink,
 Ernest Hemingway knocked out a phone booth,
 the handset fell to the ground,
 coins spilled,
 on the other side of the line was Ema Destin
 and she cried :        

,, Who is there, O God, O God, who is there? "
Lásky Emy Destinnové - Novinky.cz

The sullen man. Ten zasmušilý chlapík.

The sullen man. Read and recorded For You in Studio Shaark
The sullen man.

Lubomír Tomik

 Before he lay down under the sign No. 😯
 called some Reynolds
 the soul was winking and was almost on the edge
 before he lay down under the sign No. 😯
For You ….definitely For You… all this….For You. Edgar Allan Poe - Wikiwand

Matyášovou branou.

Matyášova brána
Matyášova brána se zbytky někdejšího městského opevnění – vnitřní středověké hradby stojí nedaleko Masarykova náměstí v parku za komplexem jezuitských budov. Je to jedna ze tří městských bran, původně nazývaná Zadní, později Královská. Po požáru v roce 1609 musela být znovu obnovena. Další pozůstatky městského opevnění se nacházejí v blízkosti někdejšího arzenálu – císařské zbrojnice a na konci ulice Dlouhá (základy válcové věže).
Pokud přijedete do Uherského Hradiště vlakem, po pár krocích směrem do centra narazíte na platan javorolistý. Obvod kmene dosahuje asi 4.5 metru a jeho stáří se odhaduje na čtvrt století. Dnešní chráněný strom původně rostl v zahradě bývalé jezuitské koleje, později proměněné na kasárna.

A je TO tady, pomyslel si. And here IT is, he thought.

And here it is, he thought. Read and recorded for You, in Studio Shaark
And here it is, he thought.

Lubomír Tomik

 And here it is he thought,
 it was like a whiplash,
 creaking skin,
 blinding light,

 the bow passes over the remnants of the silhouettes of the pig casings

 Her hips curl,
 she tasted all that,
 young heart,

 young with a gnaw of darkness.

 And here it is he thought,
 it's here and he felt her teeth pierce his flesh.

Completely attack. Úplně napadrť.

Dnes speciálně pro Tebe, ať údery boxovací rukavice , které zazní, úplně napadrť rozbijí Tvou nemoc.

Read and recorded in Studio Shaark

Completely attack.

Lubomír Tomik

the blows
 of hands 
the palms 
of the wreckage 
of the eyes

 completely attack.

from the collections of poem ,,Dinner at Minski´s „/2016/ For You.

Boiler full of necks. Kotel plný hrdel.

Albrecht Dürer: Utrpení deseti tisíc křesťanů, 1508
Foto: Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum © KHM-Museumsverband
Albrecht Dürer: Utrpení deseti tisíc křesťanů, 1508
Boiler full of necks. Read and recorded in Studio Shaark For You, my Love

Boiler full of necks.

Lubomír Tomik

 the boiler full of throats overflows
 and the characters as from Durer's woodcut,
 they disappear and appear
 above the surface of the saddled goulash of blood,
 wooden spoon disappears somewhere in the clouds
 feet appear

the image is suddenly colored,
 is red, smudges of green, black to brown
 full of movement and lamentation:

 Halving a bull in a poppy field.

Just another fix. Pro Tebe, lásko. To Floor.

Just another fix. Read and recorded for You in Studio Shaark
jUst anoTHER  fix.

lubomír tomik

 sleePing powdEr
 théNarDier has his pockets full
 lobsters whine softly
 they smile eccentRically
 rhythmicAlly padded cell next to the room
 it looks unusual in her eyes
 he spent five minutes viGorously in china
 than he lived ONly the life of cats
 before there are one more of us
 he stares into his eyes
 and they removed the skin from the headless hull
 grotesque performance
 he is one of those priests
 you had to put it on.

 a guy driving in the fog across an abyss
 behind igraine scattering from the cloak
 letters of the alphabet.

There is always time for a kiss, Lulu thought.

Lulu. Read and recorded in Studio Shaark

There is always time for a kiss, Lulu thought.

 Lubomír Tomik

 And so she twisted her ass in the slow rhythm of the music,
 rippled hips,
 but it was useless, the bar was empty.

 She reached into her back pocket and found,
 she didn't even have any money.
From….collections of poem. ,,Dinner at Minski´s

It really happened … only the music was different … I don’t know what was playing when I was there … but the sadness in the tones of the accordion is accurate.

Mezi hroby. Between the graves.

Between the graves. Read and recorded in Studio Shaark
Between the graves.
Lubomír Tomik

 Between the graves you can smell cologne,
 -Hi Your feets!- I smile,

 between the graves you can smell cologne,
 the heart bursts under the onslaught of baits,tits,etc,

 between the graves you can smell cologne
 several african american guys leaning on a tree
 in the hot heat,

 goes through a ghetto somewhere in Ostrava
 opens the door you're there,

 you are naked and you are lying on the table
 as if nothing was happening.

 Then you just say:
 -You do five things at once. You have to concentrate.-