Plně se odevzdat.

“With the Wand createth He.
With the Cup preserveth He.
With the Dagger destroyeth He.
With the Coin redeemeth He.”

[Liber Magi vv. 7-10.]

(,,With the word She was created“)

Surprisingly, none of the sources I know mention that Aleister Crowley‚s Thoth Tarot (painted by Lady Frieda Harris) has three different Magician cards. However, the explanation is evident: The Three Magicians are a representation of the Hermetic Trinity (3 + 1), according to which the magic world consists of 3 + 1 „dimensions“: Physical World, Astral World, Spirit World + the Divine World without Form. Likewise, a man who has become a Magus is a multidimensional being: there is a magus appearing in the physical form, which appears on the material and physical plane; there is a magus appearing in an astral form that appears on the psychic, astral plane; there is a magus appearing in the spiritual form that appears on the spiritual plane; and there is a magus not appearing in the divine form that (does not) appear on the divine transcendental plane. Thus:

Tarot Major Arcana 1Magus – BodyTarot Major Arcana 1Magus – Astral SpiritTarot Major Arcana 1

Tato karta mne dovedla až sem, do tohoto momentu.

Odevzdávám se Ti.

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