Páteční čtení z ,,Mapy.“

Lyrics :
Dublin pantomime.
Lubomír Tomik

lily crowd of pixels
divided by
imaginary mirror

imagine every picture of every thing
in the highest possible resolution

sleeping in the streets
sleeping in roses
sleeps in the liquid sands
sleeping in the needles
she rides stretched happily snarling
on the backs of hedgehogs.

The Dublin pantomime is over,
the spectators did not even clap, parted and grumbled
and dispersed to the blossoming streets of Dublin
they forgot about life

to the image in the highest possible resolution

Song No.94.

Lubomír Tomik

crazy music
and which is not

and which is,
magic rampage

I will snatch the devil's horns,
devils hooves

before I move on
for You into the deep burning sky

The secret of the will is to get up every morning,
to wake up to the world
in which You are a dream,
gentle fingering

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