Hudba v pozadí Immortal ,,Antartica" Nejsem majitelem autorských práv, nikdy nevím co se stane.


Lubomír Tomik

psychological support,
psychological addiction,

psychic steam from cauldrons rising to the sky
mingling with Kerberus' plume of sulfur from his nostrils

thoughts of you
you shine and you have no fire
you burn and have no light

you drum in the sky in the form of the fallen stars,
to the sky
to the sky

ancient fires
ancient sulphur

the dam is death, good

in the end every dam will fall
granite, concrete,
rubble in gorges

psychic carnivals,
a wax bath is recommended by nine out of ten angels before flight,
but where is the bathroom in the Labyrinth, that's another question for the body,

Your silky body,
lights into the Night.

3 komentáře: „Psychic.

  1. Thank You so much, Yasmine, it means a lot to me…We’ve been pulling this circle together for a long time, Poetry…it’s the most beautiful ride, after all…it’s a gift, but if you don’t fully unwrap it, you never know what’s going to happen hiding there….sending hugs and kisses and you know 🙂 Breathe, Love be Creative…thats all, thats the best gift ever!

    To se mi líbí

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