2 komentáře: „Pyramidy.

  1. Thanks Yasmine.
    I believe that when we create something, something comes from nothing, just a thought, an idea, it finds its way, it finds its right place… and most importantly, it has a small effect on writing, WE create….. change idea to physical thing, but it does, try it too Yasmine, whatever , capture a feeling, an image, the world is a special place to live and a moment captured today can tell someone something tomorrow, save them 🙂 Nice creative day, outside is first cold , -3, ideal for writing ! 🙂 Every day and moment is ideal, never surrender…and mostly, YOU NEVER KNOW WHATS HAPPEN…this is the most beautiful . Work, work, work..and suddenly ..and You know it for sure, Hestia…small victories, small but victories.:)

    To se mi líbí

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