Black Olive: A Novel

Amazing !I hope that one day I will learn enough English to be able to read the book! Congrats ,Lisa!
We are on same wave.

Not Another Nice Girl Blog

Now available on Amazon! Pick up your copy today.

Photography by Julie Jenkins, My East Coast Heart Photography / Model: Jodi B.

Unsuspecting Criminology major, Honor Mosely leads the usual university lifestyle of cramming for mid-terms and crushing on school boys, but she couldn’t be any more opposite from her sophisticated roommate, Liv Pierce. Liv, who only dates high caliber, rich men, mysteriously disappears, leaving Honor to pick up the pieces.

In an effort to find Liv, Honor relies on her studies in Criminal Profiling, but someone out there is willing to ruin her life and even drive her insane in order to cover up their wrongdoings. When Honor gets the idea to pose as her missing friend, all hell breaks loose. She falls into a seedy underworld of sex, danger and intrigue.

Will Honor prove herself and find Liv before it’s too late or will she descend into madness?

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