Stéla boha Pana.

Uviděl jsem stélu boha Pana. Jestli budu mít šanci znovu, vyfotím, nevymýšlím si.

Egyptského boha Pana. Trochu zvláštní –

Stéla Pana, boha delty.

Lubomír Tomik

                       v záhybech fantazie,
přijde zevnitř,

mrazení na konci páteře,
                                      víš jaké to je

Stele of Pan, god of the delta.

Lubomír Tomik

                        in the folds of fantasy
comes from within

chills down the spine,
                                       You know how it is


An Original Egyptian God

The Egyptians knew Pan as Mendes and considered him to be one of the original eight gods. In the Egyptian pantheon, eight gods preceded the second ranked twelve gods (such as Herakles) who in turn preceded the third ranked gods (such as Dionysos). In other words, the Egyptians considered Pan to be a very ancient god.

The historian Herodotos made an important point when he said there must have been a very ancient god named Pan and then several extraordinary mortal men who were also named Pan. Because of the antiquity of the immortal Pan, we know nothing of his youth or early travels. The antiquity of Pan’s presence in Egypt is attested to by the fact that he accompanied the god Osiris on his military campaigns … Osiris was one of the original god-kings of Egypt.

Pan with his syrinx and crook

In deference to Pan’s divinity, the Egyptians did not sacrifice goats. Furthermore, goat herders had greater social status than other herdsmen. The Egyptian artistic representations of Pan clearly showed him with a goat’s face and legs but insisted his actual appearance was otherwise. We are not told how Pan appeared to the Egyptians nor are we given an explanation as to why they would not elaborate on this subject.

The Egyptian city of Khemmo (City of Pan or Panopolis) was dedicated to Pan. The Egyptians had a very high regard for Pan and displayed images of him in most temples … the images of Pan were worshiped alongside images of Satyrs.

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