Poet Video pro Tebe ,,Psát na listy slunečnic !“

Vytvořeno ve Studiu Midian pro Tebe. Pokus o melodii LT,napsal četl LT atakdále. Protože tam někde jsi.

Write on sunflower leaves!

Lubomír Tomik

you can tell stories without a point,
you can turn the steering wheel on the Demeter

sail the strait of romance,
between leaves without return

no dusty sunflowers
in countries behind the mirror

you can know points without stories,
to travel below decks of Demeter

romantically watch the passing ship of life pass you by

How is it possible,
to have nothing to have everything to have nothing
without you

from Promethea- is a comic book series created by Alan Moore, J. H. Williams III and Mick Gray, published by America’s Best Comics/WildStorm.“ Number 12

Vzkaz od Anathemy, před čtyřmi týdny.

We want to let you know that unfortunately life has been very tough on one of our band members, Dan, in the last two years, and He has attempted suicide.

He has has been under a chronic and profound depression for years.

He survived the suicide attempt and is getting better. It’s a miracle he survived the last two years at all. He never left the house for a year, and contrary to theories, he was never institutionalised in any way and has never in his life had contact from the police, or the psychiatric services.

Dan is a reasonably decent human being who seems to have become lost. Hasn’t been himself at all for years.

He did go voluntarily to hospital once for a few days, to avoid the ability to commit suicide, but apparently the NHS facility was even more depressing. The NHS need help and we are pledging 10% of our GoFundMe to the mind charity.

We are now working to bring something good to the world and Dan wants to improve as a human being and be a better man, and never do anything so stupid again. His doctor is also trying his best to prevent suicide happening again.

He is under professional mental health care and is very dedicated to 12 step of addiction recovery, of which he is very active. Dan has been diagnosed with profound depression, daily chronic horrific anxiety, complex post traumatic stress disorder for 25 – 30 years, and he has ADHD. He has not been himself at all for 4 years now, at least.

Many of you share this type of struggle. Maybe music is part of healing.

Hard lessons have been well learned. This was the hardest. Lessons were learned. Maybe that’s why we have hard times.

We wish Dan a good recovery. Obviously we were not sure if posting this was a good idea, but the truth is the truth, and perhaps it’s time you heard it.

Blessing and love and forgiveness .

We truly hope all of you , every single one of you without exception, live happy and blessed lives.

Yours in healing

Weather Systems band and management


Těžko uvěřit, že zrovna Danny by to vzdal. On se rozdal. Ale kolik ovlivnil životů !

A jak !

Když jsi.


Foto LT, teď ráno.
Napsal a četl ve Studiu Midian pro Tebe LT.

When you.

Lubomír Tomik

when you're foam in the surf
when you're foam in the surf

I'm picking you up
I'm picking you up

and then I open palms
and then I open them

and I'm recruiting you again
and I'm recruiting you again

the cries of seagulls,
golden blades of the sun

golden bladesssss of the sun
Foto LT , po čtení.

Karta Crowleyho Tarotu na publikaci článku je…

Přesně. Nebojíme se stát na sopce.