Dusné vedro.

Napsáno, čteno a nahráno právě teď ve Studiu Midian, je 20.44. 7.5.2022, datum je trochu jako sci-fi,

,,jen vědecká fikce, science fiction ?“

Steamy heat.

Lubomír Tomik

detective smell in the stifling heat thrown on the sidewalk,
looking for a woman

so covered with smiles, outfits and scents,
that she practically disappeared

the details of the puzzle were unclear

Poe's raven punched me in the eye,
it hung on his nerve, he tensed,
there was a crackling and the veins and capillaries remained tense to bursting,
the raven flew away
when we were spinning in the branches with the other Knights of the Grail,
dripping blood running down the armor,
sound in the wet grass.

Promethea is a comic book series created by Alan Moore, J. H. Williams III and Mick Gray, published by America’s Best Comics/WildStorm.

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