Poet Čtení pro Tebe ,,Mezi sebe a smrt.“ Kenneth Rexroth.

Čteno ve Studiu Midian , z angličtiny přeložil Antonín Přidal, v roce 1989 vyšla báseň ve sbírce ,,Spirály času.“ Knihu jsem dnes našel a musel Ti báseň ,,Mezi sebe a smrt“ přečíst, bez efektů, čtenou jen za hučení solárního kotle napoprvé a tohle jsi ze mne udělala .

Kenneth Rexroth
“Between Myself and Death

To Jimmy Blanton's Music:
Sophisticated Lady, Body and Soul

A fervor parches you sometimes,
And you hunch over it, silent,
Cruel, and timid; and sometimes
You are frightened with wantonness,
And give me your desperation.
Mostly we lurk in our coverts,
Protecting our spleens, pretending
That our bandages are our wounds.
But sometimes the wheel of change stops;
Illusion vanishes in peace;
And suddenly pride lights your flesh—
Lucid as diamond, wise as pearl—
And your face, remote, absolute,
Perfect and final like a beast's.
It is wonderful to watch you,
A living woman in a room
Full of frantic, sterile people,
And think of your arching buttocks
Under your velvet evening dress,
And the beautiful fire spreading
From your sex, burning flesh and bone,
The unbelievably complex
Tissues of your brain all alive
Under your coiling, splendid hair.

* * *
I like to think of you naked.
I put your naked body
Between myself alone and death.
If I go into my brain
And set fire to your sweet nipples,
To the tendons beneath your knees,
I Can see far before me.
It is empty there where I look,
But at least it is lighted.

I know how your shoulders glisten,
How your face sinks into trance,
And your eves like a sleepwalker's,
And your lips of a woman
Cruel to herself.
I like to
Think of you clothed, your body
Shut to the world and self contained,
Its wonderful arrogance
That makes all women envy you.
I can remember every dress,
Each more proud then a naked nun.
When I go to sleep my eves
Close in a mesh of memory.
Its cloud of intimate odor
Dreams instead of myself.”

― Kenneth Rexroth, Selected Poems

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Karta Crowleyho Tarou na pblikaci čtené básně Kennetha Rexroth je...


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