Audio ,, The meaning of word god“.

Fotografie od Rahul Genie na

Čteno a nahráno ve Studiu Midian.

V pozadí hlas – Ratu (Priest) – close-up prayers from Ratu at sea edge. Sounds of seawash. N.B. Prayers possibly to Goddess of sea, Nyale. Recorded prior to Pasola festival.


The meaning of the word "god".

Lubomír Tomik

no part of the life of our bodies is to be thrown away,
whatever we want
white black little big legless or Sleipnirs

whatever we want
just don't lie
stand up for yourself
back to the ring every morning
do not give up
not giving up

when I embrace you I understand the word "God",


pack of words
bristles whistling on frozen snow,
sounds over the white plain
The moon closed its eyes,
prevents movement,

believe and touch the sun
to burn and laugh

traces of pearl and ivory,
a transport plane flies over the velvet sea

soul air corridor,

we're going to land,
to take off again,

every moment there is a bite at the end of the fork,
Are you hungry ?

I do, after YOU. 


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