Místo zlatého prachu plné.

A place full of golden dust.

Lubomír Tomik

the golden dust of the sky pours on us from the marble urns

stern look
promise of dawn

when are you different
in all the reflections of the golden grains in the light

we write our names in them with our index fingers

gold dust from the urns of the gods
we lay on the border next to them

and you
you are the most beautiful,
in a yellow Modigliani jacket

we become part of the fire.


You lean on your shadow.

Lubomir Tomik

dancing on the city streets,
in the alleys,
on the sidewalks

you lean on your shadow
hugs you in silhouettes
in silhouettes

silk leather show,
on which he always likes to visit

and sits in the front row,
that he may be with you

with the shadow of your shadow
Pozdrav z Nemocnice UH.

Ani vteřina nazmar….!!!