Čtení poslední kapitoly, padesáté sedmé ,,A za ruku jsem držel astronautku Petersovou“.

Jakákoli podobnost se skutečností je čistě náhodná nebo klasická synchronicita, napsáno velmi dávno.

Fotografie od Freitas Junior na Pexels.com
Chapter 57 .Read and recorded in Studio Midian.


And I held astronaut Peters by the hand.

Lubomír Tomik

Chapter Fifty-Seven.

The Shadows of Hart Crane. Catch!

In disguise, Edward Bengt infiltrated the platform to the London-Paris Express. He had just detained the robber David Hamilton, also known as Pound David with one eye in the back, who fled back into the foggy streets of London, disguised as a nun.
Surrounding snowshoes, couples standing apart and everyone is smiling. There are volcanoes and lots of cacti in Mexico.

In front of modern tenement houses an endless line of cars. The owners lovingly polish them, rhythmically. Suddenly, screaming wives and their children run out of all the apartment buildings and rush into the cars. Supermarket baskets and bags are everywhere.

Termites are tropical ants and this is their city, their house. Termite mound. As you can see, it is just as beautiful and beautiful as it is big. They were built by all the termites who lived here from the past to the present. Other termites will hatch tomorrow, and their new and native home will be small. Do you think they will tear it down to make it different, more beautiful and bigger?

Edward Bengt was immediately promoted for the successful intervention and received an award for bravery from the Queen. Police Commissioner Sullivan has been promoted to police president. It was a gnashing of teeth, which Sullivan had to leave.
The very next day, the Times released with headlines.

In the afternoon, a crowd gathered in front of the Palace of Justice, began to sing, and demanded the release of David Hamilton, also known as Pound David, with one eye in the back.
The crowd chanted: To- jsou- na-ši -li-dé! These- are -our- people! Give them back to us!

25 November, Le Figaro published an article.
It was also taken over by the London Times on November 26.

It said: "The truth is on the march and nothing will stop it!
Let the bell of freedom ring from the Rocky Mountains in Colorado!
Let the bell of freedom ring from the jagged peaks of California!
Whether the bell of freedom rings from every village and every city and from every solitude, we will finally be able to speed up the day when all the children of God, black, white, Jews, Christians and Muslims, Protestants and Catholics, take hands and sing the old spiritual: Finally free! Oh God, finally free! We are finally free! -

The Potosí Indians were dressed in short leather trousers, linen embroidered coats, and helmeted leather goatskin hats. They looked like bastards. They looked at a clay tablet that one of them had brought from the jungle. Aymara ideograms were painted aniline on the smooth back. They captured the famous fable for Ekkek's celebration, which began as follows:

When the swallows' wings flutter in the sky,
certainly Spanish,
pale moon floats across the sky
certainly azure.
When the rose blooms and the thorn punishes you
then only you
and long walks along the boulevards of Paris,

with you,

hand in hand.

In the corner of the room sat an eighteen-year-old Indian woman, partly behind a table, the shadows of candles flickering on her face, watching us with the eyes from which they shone - the shadows of Hart Crane !!!

Then she heard a distant human cry.
The extinguished fireplace blackened on the shore, bathed in moonlight.
Underneath, in his ashes, small red glowing embers went out late into the night.
And far on the dark ocean,
 on the wild sea, 
there was silence and darkness.

You were somewhere, and in the darkness, in the darkness, light shone.



Karta Crowleyho Tarotu na publikaci poslední kapitoly číselně, nikoli úplně, ještě zbývá napsat  kapitolu 44- a možná to bude právě Výprava do Celkové Anestézie a právě teď všechno zapadlo do sebe.
KLIK. Jako dílky Lega. 
Jako naše oči tehdy v pizzerii , nad okraji pizzy plněnými sýrem a karta Crowleyho Tarotu je...


V pozadí zvuk Zvonu Míru z Ohia prostřednictvím YouTube a Zvuky z Archivu BBC, volně dostupné pro nekomeční účely:

Markets: Mexico – Tijuana: Street market atmosphere.

Foreign Atmospheres – Spain, bullfight with music.

Čtení je prakticky bez chyby, jen v závěru jsem se musel smát při větě ,,Seděla částečně za stolem“- při čtení si situaci VŽDY představím a toto byla výzva….jak asi mohla sedět, když to bylo ,,částečně“ ?

Nepamatuji si, že bych tu větu psal a jak byla myšlena.

Je to více než deset let, možná dvacet.

Nevadí, všechno je TEĎ.

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