Čtení z řeky v džungli ,,A za ruku jsem držel astronautku Petersovou“ Kapitola 55, část první.

Fotografie od Tom Fisk na Pexels.com

Napsáno více jak před deseti lety, jakákoli podobnost s čímkoli je náhodná, nebo čistá a neředěná synchronicita.

Chaptr 55 , flirts part.


And I held astronaut Peters by the hand.

Lubomír Tomik

Chapter Fifty-Five.


He was sitting in a speedboat loaded with six men and ten shotguns and three thousand American twelve-caliber black bullets, which sailed through the canal, which could easily have been the Bata canal here at home, only at a different time.
Wondering how Klein could be explained that the true future of his generation was predicted by a group of modern poets that Klein had never read in his life and would never read?
They knew everything was lost.
-Things are falling apart, only anarchy has flooded the world… -
Hundreds of bats! Rarely did they venture beyond the height of the bridge. There were probably a lot of insects above the mud of the canal, as the bats flew in a wild, quiet flicker across the flocks, or even hundreds of pieces directly above them.
Most of the time, the men walked in the jungle and patrolled, both day and night, stopping continuously, taking breaks for food and sleep, and always half the men guarding, at random, as the commander wanted and as he pleased.
If they penetrate the jungle, they had little chance of survival. One would be a wanderer if he wanted to join a pack of explosive-obsessed pyromaniacs with a single pistol shot in the back of a house in Rome.
They were approaching us. Daddy Iwi was watching us.
We set up on both sides of the river.
Otakar Vlček and his companions sailed directly into the crossfire.

He stared into the darkness ahead.
Only occasionally did the poor Korjak camp with smoky yurts flicker on the shore, and even more rarely did the lights of the villages shine in the jungle. When a man lands on the shore, dogs pounce on him, people run up.
In the front area at the bow of the boat, old retirees settled in and greased their cards. Serjoža Blinov contracted seasickness. Ispolatov looked at the young man's green face and said protracted- You look… Serjožo!-

They were infinitely insidious, attacking like some venomous snakes, without a rattle, without a hiss. The student took a sip from the bottle.
The river current flows indefinitely.
The fish in it have cold blood, but their love is hot.

-I don't belong to scrap metal anymore, today is one of the most beautiful days of my life !!! - Otakar thinks.

The first bullet whistled at his shoulder, knocking a tuft of fur out of his clothes.
After a touch, he released the shotgun with lightning speed.
It was late.
The bullets crossed the night, and the cries of the stricken men tore the darkness to pieces. William fired volley after volley, and there was a roar of pain in response.
Serjoža Blimov fell into the waves. Ispolat's body lay over the railing like an unnecessary piece of wet rag. The student, Rozumek, and Upejpavý darling were fed up with the fight and disappeared into the bushes, where a rancid odor remained.
The boat sailed helplessly. Otakar braced himself at a gas station to supply the urine of the hellhound that was driving his amok-obsessed brain.

End of part ONE.

,,Karta Crowleyho Tarotu na publikaci slov z džungle.... ,,Ďábel."
Nejlepší je mluvit pravdu, i když je jakákoli.

,,I v problematických chvílích si udržím smysl pro humor."  - z výkladu karty.


A nad džunglí už duní hvězdolet Příboj, my uvnitř s astronautkou Petersovou, právě zapíná brzdící motory a…..

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