Čtení v nedělním jarním mrazu… A za ruku jsem držel astronautku Petersovou . ,,Kapitola padesátá čtvrtá -Mistři rizika-dokončení!“

Kapitola 54 , čteno ve Studiu Midian. Příběh. Při nahrávání v pozadí puštěna nahrávka ze Zvukového Archivu BBC , konkrétně -Atmospheres: Evening – Sea Cliffs & Rocky Shores, heavy seas with eiders, artic terns, fulmers, skylark & wren. (Recorded on a late spring evening.) Použitelné pro neziskové projekty.
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And I held astronaut Peters by the hand.

Lubomír Tomik

Chapter Fifty-Four

Masters of Risk - Completion.

Sometimes it seemed to him that everything bad ended in the bad times that were over. But if something happens that excites us and separates us from the irretrievable past, then life will once again shine with dizzying colors like the carnival that has died down on the verge of maturity.

-But I don't want to lie. Yes. Life with me dragged me around Alaska.-
-What were you doing there? -
-Trust me, I did what I wanted.-
-You would think you were in the Klondike at a time when there was a gold rush .-
Tata Iwi answered willingly.-Klondike… I don't think it's worth a word. It was much easier to get a box of gold than to get rich without dripping. We didn't take the rifle out of our hands for a moment. When someone knocked on the door of our hut after sunset, I first started firing and only then I asked who was there. It wasn't a gold rush… rather bloody. You can't imagine how raw a cultural person can be when he is intoxicated by the desire for mammon.
-Sorry, I don't like it, darling. ”Suzanne said, twisting his nose with a towel.

-I didn't think about what I was doing.- William was silent.
The old, familiar, sweet smell I could feel as I approached her shadow in the house.
-Why are we here? -I was suddenly thinking. -Plop !!!! - suddenly the air around us filled up.
- Moreover, the move, "said the Captain. -I have a pile of records and a pretty big turntable. But we could take a taxi.-
-I can arrange it. I'll get a car- said Tata Iwi.
-Well that's wonderful. Friends -? -
-Yes! -they all said at once.

The captain smiled.
A hand emerged from the darkness and tugged Tata Iwi's ear.
- Hey, Grandma!-You should have a machete with you, you run around the rainforest just barefoot, what if a snake appeared…? - "Captain cried in an unexpectedly stern voice."
There was no word of his own. The wind suddenly grew stronger and stronger.
Grandma's milkman screamed and screamed and screamed and Tata Iwi whimpered in pain and the Captain laughed. William didn't expect anything and knocked Grandma's milkman down once.

She lay in a pool of blood, barefoot, and growled: - My goat… my granddaughter..save his parachutist? William… Willia… - and she exhaled for the last time.
-We going home! ”A wide Belfast accent shouted.
William shoved the revolver into its holster.

A man came forward.
-It was like this, Commissioner. I could not come to the repair earlier, because the boss… simply the material has not yet arrived.-
-Talk to the point! -
-I couldn't tell the lady left. When someone orders a craftsman, they should at least leave a message with a neighbor.-
And quite up above the jungle are figures in overalls. They rise higher and higher to the sky and stretch thin wires over the jungle.

End of Chapter 54. 
Karta Crowleyho tarotu na publikaci slov je.....


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