Čtení v děšti na sobotní večer pro Tebe ,,A za ruku jsem držel astronautku Petersovou“ Kapitola padesátá třetí.

Napsáno více jak před deseti lety , jakákoli shoda se skutečností je náhoda nebo synchronicita.

Chapter 53 Part One – Risk lovers.
Fotografie od Tsvetoslav Hristov na Pexels.com


And I held astronaut Peters by the hand.

Lubomír Tomik

Chapter Fifty-Three.

Risk lovers.

They parked in front of a tall, narrow house, the windows on the ground floor were closed by faded net curtains. A battered brick wall, a trickle of water trickled down the broken gutter, leaving a slimy green stain on the front steps.
It was a two-story house, and the upper broken beams towered over the branches of the trees like the strange keels of shipwrecks. A dead house among thousands of dead houses, whispering the message of a bygone era.
Everything is coming to an end.

Somewhere in the suburbs of London, someone plays a gramophone record and the quiet, deep and hoarse voice of the singer Varja Panin came to us in silence: "My dear, it's a purely feminine point of view-

"Try to stop me, do a miracle
There is nothing so magnificent in the world
Make it a big bomb
She couldn't blow up
Someone is calling me from the outside, I don't want to be alone now "

-She says, in fact, he says he has bad blood.- Bobby said.
I smiled. We walked in silence after the song ended.
The world of adults differs from children's only minimally. It is a world where rapists are at their best, where excuses do not satisfy anyone, least of man alone, where cowardice corrodes the soul and you don't care.
-That's what the song is about, ”Suzanne said.
It's thundering and raining. The tree branch flutters sharply in front of the dim light of the street lamp, casting grotesque shadows on the glistening sidewalk.
We missed the playground. Abandoned. We walked in silence.
From the course we went to the cenote dagrado-sacred well, it is not strange that the Mayans, who worshiped the god of rain, considered the well sacred. There are no rivers nearby. If anyone knew at all that an underground river appeared and lost again in the underground jungle, then it must have been only the chosen people. And suddenly, in a place where the water was nowhere, a twenty-meter-thick layer of limestone collapsed and sediment appeared. Shrubs and trees disappeared under the water in the depression, and the white walls in the middle of the lush green forest demanded sacrifices like the teeth of the big mouths of the rain god. According to legend, the most beautiful girls threw themselves into the well. They dressed them richly, adorned them with precious jewels, and led them to a well under white bedspreads. However, a special group that examined the bottom of the well in 1974 proved that girls were not thrown into the well. All the skeletons found at a depth of thirteen meters belonged to men.
Daddy Iwi, in an anachronistic swallow attire and with his knees dropped, bowed silently to the ground. It was a success. Everyone laughed.
His lips are pale and his eyes shine dangerously.
His mind immediately began to imagine, and the businesswoman, Růžena Rybízová, opened herself dressed in a colorful shiny robe and blinked in surprise.
Lines of clouds chase around the pale moon, which is just disappearing behind a black wall of rain.
Bobby burst out laughing.
Tata Iwi, with a seemingly stern face, announces that she needs to get something in Miss Currant's grocery store.
Anger freed me from judgment and deprived me of caution.
-Freat! Be careful not to let your miserable soul come out of you!
In our world, news is spreading at the speed of light. However, this will not always be the case. Dad glared at me.
-Look! We live with germs around us, and when we become immune to them, we may not care that they exist. Yes, I'm glad I know that. I'm glad I know exactly who is rubbing his mouth on me. From which corner do they throw mud at me. Earlier… before…, when I was young. Do you realize that you are running to pagan superstitions to avert God's wrath? Which shows how confusing you are about religion.-
He spoke flawless German, tired and chubby ala Graf Zeppelin, and ended his sentences with a violent, imbalance laugh that went into violent and unbearably bright tones. The head was covered with a cap with sewn-on ears from an old wolf. They stuck to the sides, always trapped, as if they sensed danger.

The end of the first part.

End of the fifty-third part.

Několik drobných omylů při čtení ponecháno, konec s dovětkem a následným zahřměním je ponechán pro ilustraci, protože..... je to záznam jednoho TEĎ...a hlavně, ani nevíš co to pro mne znamená , být naživu, mít možnost, dělat to co dělám.
Můj právní zástupce mi včera řekl, že šance na přežití při sražení automobilem v  rychlosti šedesáti pěti kilometrů za hodinu, jak se to stalo mě,  je deset procent. 


Karta Velké Arkány Crowleyho Tarotu na publikaci sobotního čtení je - ,,Mág."


PS: A ano – ,,V DĚŠTI“.

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