,,A za ruku jsem držel astronautku Petersovou. Kapitola 46, část druhá. Bez omluv.

Napsáno před více jak deseti lety, jakákoli podobnost s kýmkoli je náhodná, stejně tak s místy , činy, slovy, anebo je to synchronicita. NEBUDU se nikomu omlouvat nebo cenzurovat své psaní, za to , co vzniklo před více jak deseti lety , střihovou metodou. Vlastně…. čím dál tím více a v kratších časových intervalech se mi stává, cokoli napíši, ač je to jakkoli nepravděpodobné, o den, týden, měsíc rok tři roky deset let věci jména místa ožijí.

Za to se přece nemusím a nebudu nikomu omlouvat, nebo se jakkoli cenzurovat,…PROČ ?

Jestli si nebudu stát za tím co jsem udělal, jsem jen pozér.

Už se nebudu omlouvat, ani lhářům do očí, ani nikomu jinému.


Zítra taky můžeme být mrtví.


Fotografie od Pixabay na Pexels.com
And I held astronaut Peters by the hand.
Lubomír Tomik
Chapter Forty-Six.
 Part two.

A man hung on his half-overturned telegraph pole, his hands twisted behind his back.
The state psychiatric building was located on the outskirts of Bellefleur. She was beautiful, all white, surrounded by a well-groomed lawn, awe-inspiring. It gave the impression of a first-class institution.
The head of the institute, Dr. William Klein, also looked first class. Smart face and pleasant behavior. But there was something Mephistopheles in his expression.
-I read your report on the evidence at your disposal. Time shifts, grotesque corpses and everything else. One man even sells military binoculars here. It's a submarine trophy. Right binoculars. But! The teapot is whistling! ”He rolled his eyes.
-Heavy night trains, quiet closed, curtains drawn. Would that be possible at all?
He fell silent and wrapped two aspirins in white paper.
It was a powerful body part.

Not even the sparrow chirped. Perhaps everyone drowned somewhere in the troughs that night, such a sparrow doesn't need much and it is lucky for him that it doesn't take too long with him. He'll get enough of it before he takes some of the horse droppings.
One sometimes has to dive, sink to the bottom like a sea sponge hunter. Memories are there, whole bushes, whole colonies, some prickly like sea urchins, some tender, like sea cucumbers.
-So the past remains?
-Not yet, he's in a pressure chamber. ”Klein replied. He turned his head like a praying mantis.
-There will always be violence as long as there are people who use it. Remember that. Remember it very well. -
At that moment, the first flare flew out. It flashed in height, crackled at the top, and scattered into a red grape. Behind her second, third.
Dr. Klein took off his jacket, and in a moment he was ringing on the fourteenth floor of police officer Otakar Vlcek. Round curves, calm and experience.

Otakar Vlček never worked for money, only for food or clothes. He went to the Thames for water when they gave him lunch, and in a few hemp shoes he helped out in a small country homestead.
When he drank, he usually had had enough after his third glass and then spoke foreign languages ​​that he didn't really know, but that he could instinctively imitate.
-I louching for som ram! Or also - Si vu plé, kes ke sé, le mesié, kom si liguére! -
The door suddenly opened.
Otakar Vlček stood like a wax figure from the panorama, a bit like a failed painting of an emperor without a goatee.
-Thousands of thunder! Or a three-torch flashlight! One gentleman, in the winter, in the mountains, when he had a flashlight, but she was a master! Big as a cannon! -
-The eyelids are inflamed, Klein thought.
They met again, beardless lab technicians, without a trace of their own past.
The fire, meanwhile, intensified.
- Do you want your wife to be okay?
-Sir! When you heal my wife, I will give you five pigs!
Klein looks at Wolf. -Five pigs! Such wealth! - But he means it ironically.

-Otakar Vlcek ! Find and kill William Seward Burroughs, a man from nowhere who has forgotten his mission and your wife will be healed! But before you send him to the afterlife, you'll find out what he was looking for at Tata Iwi. That little bakelite box is a German tape recorder, which I connected to your body with your permission, it takes energy from you. Recording is continuous, it records everything until you complete your task.-
-I wonder if you could shoot how the turtle eats. -Vlček thought.
He said it didn't fumble.

Klein's eyes were suddenly like the head of a crook.
-The patient does not move! The patient does not move! I can't see his face. It will probably be a woman! Sported Klein suddenly himself.
The wolf froze. He wanted to howl and whimper.

-The commanders are a few, a dozen, a hundred. But there are millions of us who suffer saber blows and bow our heads. I say there is something that can be done. I know something can be done, "said Wolf.
Klein just walked away and plucked a peppercorn flower in his fingers.
Otakar Vlček closed the door of the apartment on the fourteenth floor behind him.
He walked through the room, opened the closet, and pulled out a pistol. He turned on the turntable and sat down in his chair.

It was a Christmas song Jingle Bells, and it was sung by a dog barking rhythmically to the sounds of music.- Haf Haf Haf, Haf Haf Haf Haf, Haf Haf Haf Haf Haf Haf!WOOOOWWWW! -
But in the end, Otakar Vlček found himself in a motorboat loaded with six men and ten shotguns and three thousand American twelve-caliber bullets. The night was warm and humid. Otakar  actually shot very well and now he wanted to enjoy it.

End of chapter forty-six. 

Co to je ? ,,Kuňský trus"  ,,Mořští jezdci ?"
Znovu a je to karta ,,Spravedlnost"

...karta Crowleyho Tarotu na publikaci slov pro :


Čteno a nahráno ve Studiu Midian, zvuky nemocnice v pozadí z Archivu BBC, pro neziskové účely volně dostupné ,několik drobných jazykových chyb je způsobeno mimo jiné i mou zdrátovanou čelistí , co se dá dělat. Takový už je život. Jsem plný slov citů a železa. 
Sakra, taky jsem to dávno mohl vzdát!

NIKDY ! A teď, když se válčí o jeden stát vedle -Česko.....        Slovensko a Ukrajina -už vůbec NE !
Chci aby mi z konečků prstů cákala krev, jak budu bušit do klávesnice a mít Tě před očima !

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