Čtení ,brnkání, výstřely na pláži ,,A za ruku jsem držel astronautku Petersovou“ Kapitola čtyřicet !

Deja Vuuuuuuuuuu v kaaaartě Crowleyho Tarotu ,,Aeon“

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And I held astronaut Peters in my hand. Chapter 40!

Chapter Forty!

For now, our expedition….

Disappointed noise in a vast universe full of myriad galaxies.
-Still west. Still in that direction. Tata Iwi.-I’ll say.-
William, Bobby and Suzanne nod.
-This is the right time. Illusion doesn’t hurt. It only hurts faith in it.-
William preceded us and, with the feeling of a forgotten little man somewhere downstairs, waves at us and shouts – Hola hou !!!! –
The former flight attendant also faded.

At the dawn of time, the whole world was empty – the first morning the creature wrote what the dawn of the last day would read.
Clouds fly fast, but aliphatic fire hydrocarbons can still be seen in the distance.
The sea rustles from the darkness, the wind rises, the storm approaches, the sand swirls around, in the distance the darkness is interwoven with the forks of lightning, I want to freeze this moment, to keep it in my memory. Lovecraft on the dark Italian coast during a storm.

Bobby bites the hamburger around and catches ketchup and mustard with his tongue, always a fraction of a second before it lands on her tie. But that’s a nimble tongue. He could do things!

Something suddenly gripped me and I was thrown into space-time vortices. I flew through history, rushed through the sky in a staccato of lightning, and civilizations were bleeding below me.
I was here. Faces battered by time, Imaginary Shotgun aimed directly at Mr. Marek, slightly crouched, legs nailed to the ground to catch the recoil of the shot.
-Ha !- said Mr. Marek.
I didn’t expect anything and pulled the trigger lightly.
I missed.
The blonde slid to the ground. She held her left hip with both hands, and the sound that echoed the shot sounded hoarse.
I lost a few seconds looking at the blonde rolling in pain on the ground. I couldn’t do otherwise. Something in her eyes…
Something in them kept me awake.
She denied them to me.
Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a movement — Mr. Marek running, fleeing, and escaping me again and again — but I forgot about it. For one second, for something in the woman’s eyes.
There was something.
-Kaaa… gaaa.-she got out of her throat. Suddenly I had deja-vu.

I approached her. Carefully.
-Kaaaa -.-she tried to speak again.
A trickle of blood ran down her throat. I leaned over and looked in her eyes for what was coming.
-Kaaa… .is it’s you? / Can a dying person distinguish between poking and howling, I mean capital letters, this is a fantasy, this is not real, is it? / -Kaaaaa-….
-Íííííííí- there was a sound so low in her throat that I had to plug my ears. I dropped my handgun to the ground. She fell quietly into the grass.
The skin on her neck began to stretch. She tensed with unknown force, her veins, capillaries, muscles cracked, her head began to separate from her body.
When she finally rose to the top.

-Kate – Kate !!! – I shouted.
It hovered about two meters above me. I grabbed the Imaginary Shorgun and headed for all the future.
Kate-Kate stood still and grinned.
-Rusts of rust and mittens,- „he said.
I fired, the bullet flew out of the barrel, the cylindrical shape aimed directly at the face of the strangeness.
Suddenly, Kate-Kate’s mouth spread across her face, opened, and the projectile disappeared inside.
Kate-Kate flew in which Mr. Marek was fleeing.
I saw the red. Again.

In her shop, Miss Růžena Rybízová stared at the stove. The observed water does not boil. It lay quietly and dead at the bottom of the pot.
Mr. Marek’s quick steps.
Broken breath.

-We are sending an extraordinary message. Citizens of the Earth! We are sending an extraordinary… –
Cracking in the ether.
-… right. Extraordinary dreams have appeared! … .Citizens of the Earth! Citizens of the Earth! Here is….-

I went after him.

End of chapter forty.


Karta je Aeon .

End of chapter forty.

Karta je Aeon

End of chapter forty a karta je Aeon.


Nahráno ve Studiu Midian. El.kytara, zvuk přílivu přehrávaný ,současně při čtení, z archivu BBC ,konkrétně,, Seawash: Sea Breaking On Shore – Seawash: Sea breaking on shore, close perspective“, některé chyby vznikly při úpravě hlasitosti, čtení, brnkání, nahrávání, překladu, je to ale OPRAVDOVÝ záznam jednoho TEĎ!



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