Půlnoční čtení 1. března 2020 ,,A za ruku jsem držel astronautku Petersovou“ .Kapitola 27, část IV., závěrečná.

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And i held astronaut Peters by the hand.

Lubomír Tomik

Chapter 27, part IV.

We sat at the bar, William told me how his friend Thaddeus had died.
-And I'm telling you, one day in December 1817, after lunch, the housekeeper allegedly brought him a sweet corn dessert covered with a layer of orange jam. Thaddeus ate it and died a few hours later in terrible convulsions. The dessert was allegedly poisoned by agents.-
I didn't believe it.

Waitresses stepped forward. Their bodies gleamed. Now that I think about it as I type, I bang my fingers on the keyboard and all the time passes by.

Food was served. Fricasé. A large deep plate of beef soup with meat, along with huge corn grains, pre-germinated grain, potatoes, vegetables, a piece of pork leg with skin, egg, black olives and pods. The red achi sauce gave the soup a burning sensation that surpassed even Mexican food. We tasted a slice of white bread, sweated and teared. It was in line with the London standard: With good frocasé, it must flow from all the holes in the body.

The girl who came to me the afternoon I was there with William told me- Would you like to play with me a little bit? - and I thought I didn't have enough money, I didn't go and then I told William and he laughed at me- How you know she wanted it for money, maybe she just came out the way she wanted, oh please don't be such a sucker!-
I ran into the fog and ran down the main street.
I left William there and rushed to hide from my demons.

And in London, what I don't see again - a beautiful, heavenly beautiful blonde, standing by the wall in Soho, dreaming of calling for well-dressed men who will never come. Lots of make-up, blue eye shadows, the most beautiful women in the world are undoubtedly English women.
It was impossible to just miss her.
Her image exploded in my head, the curves of her body consumed my cerebral cortex, I was about to go beyond the horizons of pleasure, for all the ideas that might come to you.
Suddenly I was unspeakably happy.

End of chapter twenty-seven.

Karta na publikaci je..... ,,Princezna Holí " 

Čteno ve Studiu Midian.

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