Poet Video ,,Vládce Vod a Mlhy“

Na břehu potoka Botiče.

Zvuk mixován ve Studiu Midian.

Zdroj : Archiv BBC, volně dostupný pro neziskové projekty, potok,elektrárna,alarm.

Napsáno a čteno v první jarní den roku 22.


Ruler of Water and Fog.

Lubomír Tomik

figure in the dark

lurks between the walls , unexpected harvest in boiling waters

no one boils the fog anymore,

no one attaches to the boiler

the figure in the dark is edge razor blades of memory

razor blades razor blades razor blades razor blades memories memories memories

they gently cut the lambs into the eyes


Trumfová Karta Crowleyho Tarotu na publikaci vodnického videa je ,,Aeon“.


Čtení v na kozlíku kočáru s Kočím Směrů ,, A za ruku jsem držel astronautku Petersovou“ kapitola dvacet osm.

Napsáno více jak před deseti lety, jakákoli podobnost s čímkoli je náhodná nebo klasická synchronicita jako dnes ráno kdy jsem otočil dva Mágy po sobě. Jistě. Náhoda. Jistě,synchronicita. Tedy vzhůru na kozlík kočáru s Kočím Směrů !

And I held astronaut Peters by the hand.

Lubomír Tomik

Goat, Carriage and Coach Directions in a colorful landscape.

The sun rose higher in the sky. Landscape with green and yellow hills. Tops that miraculously rise in the valley like huge sleeping elephants. And along the paths fences covered with roses, small blooming roses creeping up the pillars or hanging on iron wires. Everything is delicate, as if painted, one almost wants to cry how beautiful everything is.

Is not.

The carriage travels on a sun-drenched path that winds to a height above the valley.
Kočí Směrů, spread out on a goat, smoked and told about long journeys, voyages and riots of sailors, cruisers, submarines and Ivan Poddubný and other famous wrestlers, about strongmen who pick up three horses with a car and ten people still sit in the car. .
-Unfortunately, I can not spread further on this thing, because… - says Coachman directions.

The wheels of the carriage rattled, and Mr. Mark's voice came into the sound.
-To Africa. I will become a doctor and go to Africa. One can do anything. He can change anything. Will is needed. Turn the world around, turn it upside down, take it off your skin. I am free now.-
He turns in Coach's directions.
-Did I tell you about one of our most interesting experiments? No? Both subjects underwent surgery, each of which introduced two tiny membranes into the brain, one membrane connected to the center of aggression, the other to the area of ​​sexual activity. Outside the test room, we have a transmitter that acts on this or that membrane, so from our control panel we can influence the behavior of the test subjects in terms of their aggressiveness or sexuality. Unfortunately, the shots did not work very well, although we used several cameras. Imagine the control panel, there are two units, one for a woman, one for a man. We affect their sexuality and you see how the wild freak suddenly changes to stroking and then to intercourse. During her, we activate the woman's aggression, start to rage and beat around each other, a man who is under the influence of sexual arousal tries in vain to seize her. It almost looks like a farce, sometimes you can't help but laugh. But it is a fact. We play Gods.-

The coachman said quietly-For me it's not a fact.-
Mr. Marek answered him- Yes. God descends from any mountain, goes through a dark and quiet forest, wild beasts everywhere.-
There is silence, no sounds of cars rolling on the highways of the world. Not a single sound is heard. There is even silence.

Christ's crooked face in pain, the inaudible cry behind bared teeth. That's the silence. When was the last time you were silent?
- Stop !!! - shouts the Coachman's directions to the horses and obediently stops you.
He jumps off the goat on the ground, on all fours, sways from side to side and, like frenetic Japanese women, does the same, whining like a shot dog.
A group of children appears on the way.
The boys have shorts and are pretty tanned.
-Trumpers! Trumpet greetings!
The bugle blew the trumpet.
The coachman threw again.
The boys passed them, lined up in two steps.
Mr. Marek slaps Kočí's back.
The trumpet player trumpeted, some of the boys' eyes wandered to where the Coachmen gave directions, and they continued on their way, but before they got back to London, their eyes swelled. Several members of the unit then had to get rid of parasites for many months, which burrowed into their eyes and disturbed the cornea.
The coachman wiped his mouth — but suddenly!

A roaring cry escaped his throat, a hoarseness of terror.
The steel blade of the fang flashed in the sun! Fang!
And Mr. Marek stabbed and stabbed and stabbed and stabled and stabled and stabled with a convulsive hand, drops of blood swirling in the air on all sides, the unit was long gone.

The coachman's directions lay, showing no signs of life. Where was that life? Where does everything happen when an empty body lies as if it is asleep? Where are the ideas on the way elsewhere?

The sun was shining high in the sky.
Mr. Marek mounted a goat.
He took the reins. He looked at the body in the dust of the road.
- He sighed. - Hey!
And the blood of the Coachman's Directions shone on the sleeves of his travel jacket.

End of chapter twenty-eight. 

Karta na publikaci klapotu koňských kopyt je...



…a spravedlnost pro všechny… pro Putýna zvláště !

Drát pod napětím !

Fotografie od Danila Chertov na Pexels.com
Fotografie od cottonbro na Pexels.com


Drát pod napětím.

Lubomír Tomik

nechala jsi mne držet v rukou drát pod napětím a každé ráno
mne drtí kolo slunce

až se skloní k Buchlovským horám,
zapadne ,
zbyde jen tma a válka na místech
kde jsem před pár lety byl,

každý okamžik je drát pod napětím,

stejně tak nejsme izolovaní my,

jsme viry uvnitř viru které spaluje kolo slunce 

držím v rukou drát pod napětím,
nechat sebou procházet elektrický proud

je... TEĎ !

/ následuje zvuk elektrického výboje a ve vzduchu se vznáší vůně připečeného masa až se převalí kolo slunce ,
je to tanec sloních nohou na našich hrobech/

A když se kolo slunce vynoří za obzorem,
ještě se usmíváme ,
ještě je pořád naděje ,
naděje na všechno,

nikdy jsi neřekla - NEJSEM !

Wire under voltage.

Lubomír Tomik

You let me hold a wire under voltage  every morning
the wheel of the sun crushes me

until it slopes towards the Buchlov Mountains,
only darkness and war remain in places
where i was a few years ago

the wire is energized in every moment,

nor are we isolated,

we are viruses inside a virus that burns the wheel of the sun

I hold a live wire in my hands,
let an electric current flow through 

is ... NOW!

/ the sound of an electric shock follows and the smell of baked meat floats in the air until the wheel of the sun rolls over,
it's an elephant's foot dance on our graves /

And when the wheel of the sun emerges beyond the horizon,
we are still smiling
there is still hope
hope for everything

you never said - I AM NOT!


Karta na publikaci slov pod napětím je….. ,,MÁG“



Půlnoční čtení 1. března 2020 ,,A za ruku jsem držel astronautku Petersovou“ .Kapitola 27, část IV., závěrečná.

Fotografie od Dorina Stati na Pexels.com
And i held astronaut Peters by the hand.

Lubomír Tomik

Chapter 27, part IV.

We sat at the bar, William told me how his friend Thaddeus had died.
-And I'm telling you, one day in December 1817, after lunch, the housekeeper allegedly brought him a sweet corn dessert covered with a layer of orange jam. Thaddeus ate it and died a few hours later in terrible convulsions. The dessert was allegedly poisoned by agents.-
I didn't believe it.

Waitresses stepped forward. Their bodies gleamed. Now that I think about it as I type, I bang my fingers on the keyboard and all the time passes by.

Food was served. Fricasé. A large deep plate of beef soup with meat, along with huge corn grains, pre-germinated grain, potatoes, vegetables, a piece of pork leg with skin, egg, black olives and pods. The red achi sauce gave the soup a burning sensation that surpassed even Mexican food. We tasted a slice of white bread, sweated and teared. It was in line with the London standard: With good frocasé, it must flow from all the holes in the body.

The girl who came to me the afternoon I was there with William told me- Would you like to play with me a little bit? - and I thought I didn't have enough money, I didn't go and then I told William and he laughed at me- How you know she wanted it for money, maybe she just came out the way she wanted, oh please don't be such a sucker!-
I ran into the fog and ran down the main street.
I left William there and rushed to hide from my demons.

And in London, what I don't see again - a beautiful, heavenly beautiful blonde, standing by the wall in Soho, dreaming of calling for well-dressed men who will never come. Lots of make-up, blue eye shadows, the most beautiful women in the world are undoubtedly English women.
It was impossible to just miss her.
Her image exploded in my head, the curves of her body consumed my cerebral cortex, I was about to go beyond the horizons of pleasure, for all the ideas that might come to you.
Suddenly I was unspeakably happy.

End of chapter twenty-seven.

Karta na publikaci je..... ,,Princezna Holí " 

Čteno ve Studiu Midian.