Čtení v mlze ….část první kapitoly 27 ,,A za ruku jsem držel astronautku Petersovou“.

Fotografie od Ollie Craig na Pexels.com


And I held astronaut Peters by the hand.
Lubomír Tomik

Chapter Twenty-seven Part One

Down here, on dark ground.

Down here, on the dark ground, there was no discernment for twenty paces, such was the fog. Only the streetlights and blinded car headlights formed blurred yellowish spots here and there.
Excited and back on our backs, Bill and I walked along Buckingham Palace Road and saw the long, deserted streets, nowhere, just the sweet star of Mary in front of us, and where it was in the morning when a girl poured red wine into my friend's mouth. from the Spanish wine bellows and still couldn't hit…
I was madly trying to enjoy the mist and clouds rolling in the Thames.
The downpour started and Bill and I just covered our covers with blankets. The water washed away thousands of cockroaches, spiders, and lizards, rats that began to roam the streets and crawl through the walls of houses where clouds of barely visible marigus flies swarmed and where malaria and rattlesnakes waited.
Somewhere in the gardens, the dogs howled incessantly.
So. Strange Sunday.

Long, red tongues licked the darkness, pointing to infinity, to the flames of tallow candles on which moths rub their wings.
The radio of an overturned car sang the service, and as we passed Big Ben, the two tall English cops watched us suspiciously with Scotland Yard's sinister smiles, as in the old Sherlock Holmes movies.
Where are they now, my wandering acrobats?
All the while, my mind was excited to think of England at dawn, of London, drowning in mist.
And I realized that it doesn't matter that we sin.

,,Napsáno před více jak deseti lety, jakákoli podoba s čímkoli je …JE.

A karta Crowleyho Tarotu audio, je ….

Míchání karet, otočení-

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