Čtení v odpoledni, cesty časem a vůbec, jsme naživu.

,,A za ruku jsem držel astronautku Petersovou.“

Kapitola 26.

Plná časových vírů a cest a odboček a Andělů zkázy a pionýrských šátků a brusinek.

Fotografie od Jeswin Thomas na Pexels.com

Napsáno více jak před deseti lety , před virem a nesmyslnou válkou. Shoda s čímkoli je synchronicita , jména , věci, příjmení, činnosti.


And I held astronaut Peters by the hand.

Chapter Twenty-six

Attention! You are being watched!

Thunder rumbles. A storm is raging over London. Lightning crosses the sky, thunder chases thunder, but everything is about three or four seconds.
Then the roar of thunder passes to the drum break.
When the missing goat returned, she headed straight for the milkman. The milkmaid grabbed a heavy watering can, jumped on the steps, the goat hit the horns on the wall and stood.
And then Babka the milkmaid noticed that the goat had a piece of cardboard tied tightly on the corners, on which it was written in capital letters: -In the 1920s, radio signals were sent into space from our Earth in thirty seconds. After an hour, the signal began to return, but not as it was transmitted, but divided in such a way that its individual parts lasted for whole seconds, or their twelfth with second pauses. Such a signal could only be sent by someone who knows the twelve system and the division of hours into seconds.-
Turntables shouted in the meadows. The locomotives were moving. The turrets drove off. Moscow is moving away. The stars fade in the morning mist over the river. It's dawning.
It is dawn, but the sky is cloudy. Clouds. Heavy and pregnant with water.
-Yes, it's me.-says the brunette. -But…-
And he sinks his head under the terrified Captain's shoulder and rips at his lapel.
Last night's drum break fire.
The shepherd blew his horn at a wooden horn. It's dawn. Grandma's milkman opened the gate and drove the goat to the herd.
She looked scary and bloodthirsty.
Sparrow shimmered on the sparrows chinned by sparrows. A strong scent filled the air. So strong that I can feel it even after all these years. A pungent, irritating nose.
They walked through the green streets and suddenly plunged into a diluual struggle for a female. The roar of thousands of throats rises inartically to the gilded ceiling and grows stronger and stronger. It's anarchy! In one scene, in one sentence! Can the street have a gilded ceiling !?
The instincts merge again into one that is valid to just stand and watch the destruction.
And they are the women who are the loudest of them all. They whistle, whistle and scream!
- What plane?
-Mom-begging her daughter-make me a swing and I'll fly up, into space, like daddy, far away! -
-No! No! ”Cried the young woman with the face of a seabed statue near Piraeus, Greece.
-You can never fly as far as Daddy !!! -
Was her dad the radio signal? Did he come back divided into twelfths with second pauses? Who knows…
The brunette pulled a new sweater from her suitcase, nothing sensational, its color reminding me of bunches of reeds at drainage canals at dusk near Caorle. She shook it tentatively, held it at arm's length, and began to growl. She liked it.

That made Grandpa laugh. Chuckled and in a good mood, he began to stamp his wooden foot to the beat. Did it fit in the wormhole or not? No.

The brunette ran out of the garden, slammed her behind her, clenched her lovely fist, which, by the way, should be gripping something completely different, clenched her fist, threatened her grandfather, and shouted angrily, "They should lock you in the hospital and not let you run just like that. On my soul! You belong in a madhouse, under the castle.-
Back in five seconds. Jump in time.

That made Grandpa laugh. Chuckled and in a good mood, he began to stamp his wooden foot to the rhythm. It fell into the wormhole, didn't it? Yes.

The brunette ran out of the garden, slammed her behind her, clenched her lovely fist right in her heart, and called out to her grandfather: -I've been dreaming about you all this time, all the time… and you stand there and do nothing. I'm sorry for what we missed - and she disappeared in a light jump in the alleys of London.
My grandfather stuck out his tongue in an obscene gesture. - I don't know. In the end, I decided to cook this year! Cranberries, and so, I'll make compotes, a lot of everything, I bought all the literature. You just reach for the glass and it'll be there!

-I-says brunette-me, I loved doing it all. I liked it.-
-You're an angel of doom an unhappy girl -I'll tell her.
-Look at you! You have a pioneer scarf around your neck… but you are nothing but… .lump! -

When the young woman left when it was all over, the alley finally reached the plank under the old multi-storey barn, pulled a slingshot from her pocket, pulled on a rubber band, and fired a small plastic parachutist.
The parachutist flew upside down, crossed the clouds, and overturned. A small white paper parachute opened above him, but then the wind blew harder, slid it to the side, and the doll disappeared into the black dormer of the barn.
The doll must save!
But he had already disappeared in another space-time. Here.

-I loved to do everything — she runs her brunette and it's close to whining.
-Until it turned out that someone had a more expensive mat and four ropes… -
There was a bang in the room. The legs of a plastic doll protruded from the ceiling.

That day I decided: I will learn to read and write!

End of chapter twenty-six.
Karta Crowleyho Tarotu je ...

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