Čtení v den , kdy začala Válka. ,,A za ruce jsem držel astronautku Petersovou.“ Kapitola 16.

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Chapter 16.


And I held astronaut Peters in my hand.

Chapter Sixteen. Music.

There is no music that expresses what it’s like in the morning.
The sky is blue, cloudless. The wings of seagulls flutter on that pitch. And on the red mast, the tin mouths of the beacon emit happy tones.

As we bounced off the ship and I looked back, almost the entire team grinned at me at the bar. The sheer scale of the crime, the unbelievability, and most importantly the futility, made no one understand its meaning.
On the first day that the news of the spaceport explosion spread at dawn, and when many people saw the dark spaceship shrouded in blue glow taking to the sky, Mr. Marek was still trying to reject what was clear.
Although in the end it is too pathetic and banal.

The officer who commanded the spaceport guard three days ago suddenly disappeared. He was detained at night in the valley behind the lake. He was still silent in the morning. During the day, Majesty himself spoke to him. It promised him life. Those were big words.
The officer asked for a glass of water.
Evidence had to be gathered now. The officer had to be taken to the ruins of Buckingham Palace immediately after promising to divulge details of the conspiracy.
The soldier brought water and set the glass on the table.
The officer held her to his lips, drank, and died.
He was poisoned.

  • Crazy people – Mr. Marek was angry – are you at sea?
    -I can’t answer this question-because I don’t know. „I said. It was true.

The tallow candles on the table burned a good chunk, the cicadas fell silent, and the mosquitoes stopped buzzing.
The captain paused and did not speak for almost three minutes. Everyone else was silent at all times, because no one even thought of opposing the captain.
Only the strange hollow blows in the next room somewhat spoiled the idyll of silence- Buch! – Book! Book! Book! –
The captain collapsed suddenly. He fell both wide and long.

-You live, do you live? Say something! –
He opened his eyes: -It hurts… I need to see a doctor.-
They arrived at the hospital in half an hour.
They hurried up the stairs to the round hall in the lobby.
The medical department was brightly lit.
It looked quite ordinary. Ambulance and white door to the ward.
The doctor stepped forward to meet us.
There was confusion.

A policeman and a paramedic, both holding the hands of a frowning man in a green medical pose. As it turned out, the man had broken into a spaceport dispatcher’s room ten minutes ago and stabbed him with an unmarked injection.

A long line of thirty boxers in sweaters runs into the picture, led by a tiny, skinny trainer with a strict, ascetic face and a whistling rhythm of steps.
It’s a boxing fanatic voice band. -Kill him! Pack! To the paper! Shit! Destroy him! Wipe! Take peace with him!
The paratroopers approach, fire the first sleeping bullets and some of the boxers fall, but others run to the paratroopers and punch their helmets and plastic spacesuits with their fists.
Then the piercing sound of a whistle ends the battle.
Helene Blehárová walks away, sending air kisses to Mr. Mark.

The coach takes the whistle from his mouth and shouts at his charges- And that there is concentration, you don’t mind !? He coughs for training… –
And that’s just the beginning.
Another man in a green toga is hanging out by the elevator.
The fanatical boxing voice band is quietly silent.
Mr. Marek withdraws offended.
The coach squints at him and the man in the green toga spits on the floor.
And Mr. Marek looks around and longs for participation.
An invisible convoy of cars whizzes along the Zbraslav highway.
Beatnik angel Peter Orlovsky buys ice cream a little further away.

Crowd noise and recorded music mixed with police cries.
The crowds move to the stairs at the lobby.
The paratroopers have to help the doctors, they can hardly sustain the onslaught either.
Lots of people are trying to escape without a pass.
At the iron bars to the entrance to the hospital, it sounds like a hive.
The crowd discovered Strongman Beda.
Suddenly, the photo flashes start flickering. Strongman Meda will pose.
Above all, the screams and calls of the police.
-Come back! Liberec is missing you –
-Catch the car AB 36-89.-
-That’s all we want from you. Leave your eyes here. Your mind.-

It was a big fuss.

End of chapter sixteen.


Nahráno čteno a nahráno ve Studiu Midian. Použity zvuky z Archivu BBC, sea, beach,gulls.


Karta Crowleyho Tarotu na publikaci je …. ,,Poustevník“ a objeví se i ,,Mág“. Kombinace dvou karet, nečekané.


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