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Napsáno před více než deseti lety, shoda jmen míst postav je náhodná.

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Chapter Thirty: Miss Rose and William 

On the sign above the entrance it was written: Růžena Rybízová-General merchandise store. It said: Use a disinfectant mat.
- What does that mean? He stands in front of the shop window like an angry angel, his hair beautifully blond.
No gust of wind broke the silence.
The cold chill touched both men's feet.
The streets of London were constantly empty and today seemed much wider than usual. An air defense balloon slowly descended on Big Ben. His hips glistened silver. It looked like a big fish was descending to the bottom of a huge aquarium.

-Oh, nights, -I thought-why are you so wet today? Why don't you allow mortals to throw themselves into your bottomless arms? And you stars, the islands of the ocean of night, who is tired? Who wants to sleep?
A thousand white hens were tired of raking.

This day leaked through my brain. First the brothel climb, a beautiful bitch.
My eyes lit up as I left her room and came back for William. I pulled him out of my arms and we penetrated London again, and now we were standing here, in front of this shop. he stopped watching behind the wave. next to us grows a reality that, when it matures, terrifies us.
Růžena Rybízová turned off all the lights in the store for a moment, then turned it on again.
-It's smart, -William said.-Let's go inside.-
-Give me a shot, Bill, -I said.
- What?! - William burned with rage.
-Calm down, I'll explain right away, give me the banger first .-
He handed it to me.
I hid it in my backpack and threw it back on my back.
I pointed to the store. -That's the end, you understand.-
William gets hot- But I'll be bored! -
We enter and the bell above the door rings.-Cililink.Cililink.-

Růžena Rybízová behind the counter, shoulders naked like a queen, turns away and closes her eyes.
-Chocolate. Isn't chocolate? ”William asks.
-Chocolate? -Ruzena Currant exhaled with pious fear. -Where have the potatoes and kerosene run out, and you, you want chocolate?
William is silent, he says nothing.
-It's dark outside ... I say.
-I don't even recognize it anymore-says William. -Evening or day, darkness or light, good or evil, it's the same to me. One hundred years. A thousand years, time has long since stopped.
Miss Růžena didn't know what to say, she didn't know what to do, for five weeks she divided her time blissfully into chirping between green soap, cream slices, export beer and her beloved chocolate - and suddenly there's nothing.

And then the two of us show up.
Stockings and trousers dry on a clothesline, held in place by clothes pegs. Who are you?
Corn and wheat in big crates.
- Please, miss, don't you really have chocolate?
She doesn't answer and snuggles up even more in her plaid wolf, which she wasn't even wearing a moment ago!
-I dream of the Milan Mixture.-William says slowly.
Miss Růžena suddenly turns around and her face shines like a full moon, only instead of eyes she has no meteorite craters.
-William, how the hell did you do- I think.
Miss Růžena runs away and returns in a moment with a paper box. It is full of Milan mixture.
He won't give it to me.
- I ask.
She smiled, disappeared into the alley between the empty shelves and the fish skeletons, and suddenly emerged on the other side of the counter. Pistachio bag in hands.
William looks at me, then says- What about you?-

Miss Růžena will answer without embarrassment-So good first I'll go with you- and take William's hand and go back somewhere together. He uses the curtain but doesn't tighten it, so I see him undressing him, cpu with pistachios, while Miss Růžena runs her fingers through William's hairy chest. She caresses him.
I hear a growl, I'll come closer: -Waterfalls, ladders and lustful cats -How will this end?! - I imagine torn twitches of orgasm, exploding silence.
Then Miss Růžena's voice comes in. At first she is reluctant, but then she repeats aloud what William whispers in her ear.

And the eggs on the outside are kind of better
To the tree where time is running out
To the holy wood
To the root of Ygdrassil
Under the green clumps of geraniums
She conquered the gnawed skeleton of our lives

- I don't want to anymore - Miss Růžena whispers.
-Come on - I'll yell at Bill.

Then when we stand in front of the store, Bill says. I can't help myself, you see. He needs you.-
I'm silent because we, we guys guys can't say anything from the heart.
- Have you heard of Tata Iwa? The Indians claim that he has supernatural power… We must go after him. To Iporé.-
-It wouldn't change anything.-I will say briefly and curtly, because I'm a little mad at him.
We're running down a concrete street.
To Iporé.

End of chapter thirty.

Karta Crowleyho Tarotu na publikaci večerního čtení je….. ,,Velekněz“. Aha.

Zvukové pozadí města a čtvrti v Jižní Americe, bez uvedení místa a data nahrávky, zdroj Archiv BBC, pro neziskové projekty .

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