Čtení v chladném ranním únoru ,,A za ruku jsem držel astronautku Petersovou“ Kapitola dvacet. část I.

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Crowley - 3 - cisarovna

And I held astronaut Peters by the hand.

Lubomír Tomik

Chapter Twenty.

No no. I ask, You say.

And still, London was sometimes unspeakably boring, without vibration, so I walked a mile along the beach and time ran, the captain calculated the course while I watched the sick dancing octopuses and the thorns or their shadows moved through space and time, and as I wandered, I found myself on marketplace and who I won’t see?
The two potters, old and gray, and Mustafa Hamid reveler — Life is mysterious and strange and kind of hilarious — and he raises the brandy bottle to his mouth, where he took it, and pulls out one, two, three curls, and a fire explodes in his throat. and then, when she puts the bottle down, she swallows gourmet.
Nazim Kemal wrinkles his face until it looks like a moon cut by cane machetes and speaks-There, in the light of the phosphorescent solutions ale -but William is not here, and I leave and the marketplace disappears behind me, I hear Mustafa’s drunken singing, rushing to the rooftops of London.
And anyway, the Captain was sometimes unspeakably boring and beautiful. I think of his calves and his leaky sock, not the green one on his right leg, I think the white one of his dreams.
No no, I ask and you say. I say and You ask.

I throw lightning.
The word that covers thousands of Overlook windows and black skeletons in steep mountains and dreams, if it comes to it, will always disappear. They rise from the dust of the sunny rooms of our lives, each leaving for their end of a rainbow that arches.
I throw lightning. I say.
I say. Where’s Don Hamilton Balosa’s ship?
Then I don’t anymore.

I say.
Then I don’t anymore.
I you.

End of part I.

Sound :

London – Big Ben chiming & striking 1 o’clock

Rivers: Riverside – Riverside: Chelsea, London, atmosphere. Z archivu BBC , volně dostupné pro neziskové účely.

Crowley - 3 - cisarovna


Kapitola dvacet je tak dlouhá, že ji rozdělím na tři menší části a budu je číst, pokud to půjde, na různých místech, během dne.

Tato první část čtena ve Studiu Midian

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