A za ruku jsem držel astronautku Petersovou. Kapitola dvacet . Část druhá.

Crowley - 5 - veleknez
Fotografie od Uncoated na Pexels.com

And i held astronaut Peters by hand.

Lubomír Tomik

Chapter 20 . Part 2

How did it happen that people started talking about the Captain again?
The entrance to the underground was hidden behind the skeleton of a cumbersome concrete structure resembling a dinosaur skeleton. At the same time, none of them knew where this would lead.
The only crack in the world already covered with a veil shakes the ground and the concrete is crumbling.
In a few minutes the voice of a real parrot.
-Please clarify! So is there an apparatus for accepting ideas, or not?
-How do I know? -The salesman answers.-We don’t talk, do we? You can broadcast picture and sound yourself! –
-Yes sir…-
Are you broadcasting?
-Why not?-
-I don’t have such an order! –

Every whirlwind is foreshadowed by a rumble, it’s like when Sarah sits in a jeep and heads for the mountains, a dirty Mexican pumper stares into the distance, the sky retracts….
He was already in a fever.
Only girls can bear the blinding mixture of the glow of knowledge and the sun.

There is a voice, torn and squeaky, that sounds like a big chunk of the spring sky.
-And he’ll take us far if we’re not careful. It is a problem that casts our doubts about the very structure of our society. Are we barbarians? The nanny once kissed my tongue. That was fame! –
-But for God’s sake, my dear, it’s just as much of a fantasy as our thoughts.
… I understood him.
He and a friend stare at the goddess’s ass.
Then they smile apologetically in the still air and the sun reaches them without connection.
The salesman fires three revolver revolver at the red sky and refuses to debate with the parrot.
The world is morning cold, we don’t know the day or the clock.

He stopped and waited for wailing and cattle. And when he saw the two brethren, he trembled. They were together and they wanted her. They wanted to. When someone sees something, someone, in front of them, every day, minute, second, and yet they can’t have it – how can it end? Not good.
Sweet rays emanating from the hut echoed through the moans. The overcast and gloomy spring light silvered the edges of the hazel fence.
The rickety gates receded and three men came out, covered in elephant skeletons. They set out on a journey.

Crowley - 5 - veleknez
,,Velekněz“ je karta Crowleyho Tarotu na publikaci části střihové novely ,v odpoledni kdy se všechno nečekaně zkomplikovalo, zdravotně a vůbec všelijak.

Přesto..podvečerní čtení…před tím, co se chystá tento týden je….vlastně záchrana.


Čteno nakonec opět ve Studiu Midian, zvukové efekty, opět Big Ben, je to druhá část, tedy bije dvakrát a ruchy na Markets: London Street Market, 1976 – Market: London street market, 1976.

Učiněná cesta časem.

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