Večerní čtení umělé inteligence, test ,, A za ruku jsem držel astronautku Petersovou“ kapitola 21.

Crowley - 12 - viselec
Chapter 21 English Audio in Studio Midian, test.
Kapitola dvacet jedna ve Studiu Midian , test, v češtině přidán zvuk restaurace v Paříži.
Crowley - 12 - viselec

And I held astronaut Peters‘ hand, chapter twenty-first, in my hand.

Lubomír Tomik

Chapter Twenty-one.

He dies and an arrow flashes near the village.

The biologist pursed his lips.
-I created you!
-Yes! You and all probable life! –
-Did you decide? –

The captain gave me forty minutes to break the time barrier. Then they send me to a psychiatric hospital or declare that my mental anomaly is caused by Star Force.
But isn’t everything really a bit abnormal?

I watch in despair as the blind man continues to play, as souvenir photos continue to be made. And I went back to the letters.

The sergeant who examined our hair always said: – The freezing Cosmos is gliding in front of us like a sea storm… –
The young girl’s body is like a strong wind blowing over a superheated ground. It can have a funnel-shaped, cylindrical or spiral shape. From 1900 until today, the Adriatic Sea has been hit by thirty-two sea storms. Practically once a year. In the twenty-twenty-third year, there were no storms.
Then, like a machine-gun dose, the thud of running legs and the cracking of broken ribs are heard.
Maybe branches.
They are painted girls, smoke cigarettes from the tip and have their legs slung over their legs.
One of them says: – Why should you think of Tangier, when London is so charming, cold, so nice, with lots of wonderful continental restaurants. What about us? Do you love?

About twelve journalists sat in the corner of the hall of one such restaurant. They drank, waved their hands, and discussed passionately. Then someone spoke, just in a low voice, half-mouthed. As if by the way.

The pilots were tired, did not sleep at night, and now they had worked hard for a long time, realizing that Olson was worse off than the others, so they reassured him and told him it wouldn’t take long.

Feeling good.
You was beautiful.

End of Chapter 21.

Crowley - 12 - viselec

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