Ranní čtení s klavírem virtuálním- ,,A za ruku jsem držel astronautku Petersovou“ Kapitola devět…

Crowley - eso mecu
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And I held astronaut Peters by the hand.

Lubomír Tomik

Chapter nine.

Helena Blehárová.

The scholar Maytas Comet sobbed. And again. And again. His eyes widened in horror.
His forehead was sweaty, the salty candies of sweat crystallized into his eyelid feelings.
I was a nice bastard, a cold-blooded killer, I aimed an Imaginary Shotgun at him, and it certainly wasn’t very pleasant.
I had his teeth full.
But on the other hand, I forgot why I should kill him.
All thoughts of WHY got out of my head.

All I knew was that I would spank him — as soon as I could, because I didn’t want to wait for his tears to flood the room and rise and touch my legs and thighs and our lips and higher than it happened to the girl in that weird movie Drum Fire, so I said the sentence, and he knew what awaited him:

-Matthias Comet you, after a while you want a false prophet, I came to kill you!-

Finger caressed the trigger. It was only a matter of time.
He threw himself at my feet.
I tried not to notice his sweaty face.
My brain sent a command-Squeeze the tap.-

The information rushed through the networks of neurons, but the pig did something I would never forget, if I remember it now, I still had a chill running down my back.
As the command went to the tip of the finger that caressed the trigger body so tenderly and gently and in love, the salty candies of sweat began to come closer to his face, merging like hot lead rushing from a melting furnace, and some shape began to appear.
It happened in a millionth of a second.
A large, heavy piece of slimy sweat fell from his body to the ground. Well-landed next to him to be exact.
There was a click.
He stood up.
Exactly at that moment, I pulled the trigger.
The mad scholar’s body jerked, flew through the air, and at the end of his acrobatic stunt, it sprawled against the wall.
-Boom-And it fell to the ground.
I lowered the Imaginary Shotgun and dealt with the pile of slime, which was really pretty scary, because the shape was finally concrete.
I knew the outlines.
They were the outlines of a woman’s body

-Honey,- she said.
When it touched me, I froze in horror.
It held something in his hand. I closed my eyes and felt a steel object slide down my right hand.
I opened my eyes.
It was a gold ring with inlaid diamonds.
-Okay- I thought, I was dazed, I drank dry from the bosses‘ cauldron.
-William-it sounded in my head-William, it’s me, I have to tell you something- and indescribable signs began to appear before my inner eyes and I recorded them and remembered them.

-Goodbye, said Helena Blehárová.

Then no one was here, only the cooling body of Matthias Comet glowed in the skeleton of the kitten of the royal room.

End of chapter nine.


Crowley - eso mecu

Fotku udělat nemůžu , protože virtuální klavír je na telefonu / to zní opravdu bláznivě, vůbec nežijeme se sci-fi /. Možná kdybych měl o jednu ruku více.

Nemám, spíše o koleno míň, jak se mění počasí, zranění bolí jako…lehká žena. Každé slovo na této stránce a na nahráce TEĎ ze Studia Midian je jako lék, ovšem , čisté a neředěné placebo,přesto pomáhá.

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