Čtení s Fénixem ,,A za ruku jsem držel kapitolu astronautku Petersovou“ Kapitola devatenáct.

Crowley - 13 - smrt

And I held astronaut Peters by the hand.

Lubomír Tomik

Chapter nineteen.

My situation?

I woke up relatively late in the morning. I could tell by the bright daylight gleaming through the cracks in the curtains.
I had a tuft of cotton wool in my head instead of a brain.
It disintegrated into microscopic droplets, which clumped into lumps into something like a sponge, and began to grow and grow.

Everything around was white, only Dr. Klein’s cloak was strewn with blood splatters. And then the table. The bloody and illegible flesh gave off the smell of death.

He finally finished. Sweat beaded on his face and high skull. He put down the tool and contentedly overlooked his work.
-But why the fake waiter… why the fake waiter gave me a glass out of my hand?
The big hand of the old man he had just operated on rests on his head.
There is something comforting in that hand.

-Do you agree with this procedure?-
-Who can explore the product, he can learn something about other things. They wanted to burn all the bridges, stop being inquisitive. But it works, I want to know everything, I want to know everything, I want to try everything. There will be three. You have to save yourself, Doctor. You have forgiving feelings like people of the last century. I wish you a good night and beautiful dreams.-said the old man and died.

The doctor stepped back without a word. When I walked in, he locked the door and locked it thoroughly, in a lot of locks. The corridor sank in the dark. He went first and I followed him, my hand running up the wall. It was kind of conspiratorial and strange. The smell of chemicals lingered in the hot air. Next door.
We went out.

I saw the face of a man, an embarrassed and shy peasant, trying to tell us his judgment.
-I advise you not to listen to anyone’s advice, do not consider mine, I do not hide that I represent certain interests, neither God nor providence has sent me to see you.-
He didn’t care if I believed him or not, and he really continued to enjoy his snail.
Two young men appear, pick him up and take him out of the church.
Dr. Klein turns, proceeds between teeth. – Take him to the brothel.! –
And then it occurred to me that the unfortunate man might have wanted to tell us something important.

Maybe something about the spaceship Surf….



Crowley - 13 - smrt

Kart na publikaci tété audio nahrávky ze Studia Midian je ,,Smrt“. https://probud.se/tarot1/crowleyho-tarot/velka-arkana/985-crowleyho-tarot-13-smrt

,,Mám radost ze svého růstu a z toho, že se stále více přibližuji svému původnímu určení.

Dávám volnost lidem i tomu, na čem lpím, s lehkostí a důstojností.

Odpoutání se od minulosti otevírá nové formy objektivity, ke které patří i cit.

Konec nastává, aby mohlo přijít něco nového.

Ano. Začalo to.

A o pár hodin dříve…v předchozím článku dnešního dne :,,nejsem majitelem autorských práv, k videu ani zvuku, kdyby náhodou, článek ihned odstraním, nejdříve jsem se ZEPTAL, důkaz mám……. jen to zapadlo jako ozubená slova do sebe…příprava na dnešní čtení.. . skončil jsem a začal hrát Satyricon. Nový začátek.“

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