Čtení s elektrickou kytarou ,,A za ruku jsem držel astronautku Petersovou“ kapitola 19 část II.

Napsáno více jak před deseti lety, jakákoli podobnost se jmény postavami povoláními příjmeními je čistě náhodná nebo je to klasická synchronicita.

78 karet Crowleyho Tarotu plus dva Mágové a znovu-

Crowley - 13 - smrt
Crowley - 13 - smrt

In the area in front of the church, Don Balosa watches intently and with religious astonishment a small fire.
Several men are debating a little further. They are middle-aged and look like bank clerks. Jackets and rims.
-And if someone killed me?
-That wouldn’t be good either. Even if you committed real suicide, it would spread around the world as news that you had been murdered.
-I do not get it…-
-Do you know the power of the media? Do you know how much gossip is? Do you know the power of the Word?
You have a book about Marilyn Monroe and two of her albums. Your weakness, isn’t it?
He wanted a cigarette, he didn’t dare ask them if he could reach into the ashtray in their presence. So he said- Give me something to drink. Today I smoked until.-
Suddenly he jumped up and threw himself into the corridor. Like my Guardian Angel !!!! –

On the fishing boat, someone comments in amazement: – Champagne! –
And he swallows, almost as if he thought he had drunk.

How much time has passed? Mr. Marek stares into the darkness. The woman next to him is sleeping. It’s quiet now. There is silence in the house. Don Balosa is already sitting in his usual place, at the table.
He is silent, he does not move, just knead the small balls from the bread crumbs.
He conscientiously rounds them up, so that he then rolls them with his palms on the ground.
Suddenly hollow blows.
He stops in fright.
From the upper window of the house you can see Grandpa talking to a man in the corner of the garden, I guess it could be me. It’s me.
Grandpa looks suspicious.
-But I don’t understand what’s going on?
I take him by the arm.
-They’re watching over you. Your situation is unhappy. Once the Surf returns, you’ll have little time to save yourself. Do you actually know who you are? –
I’m shaking with him.
-You’re the one with the key to everything. You know more than I do! you are so damn important… .You have to save yourself.-
-So they’re really watching over me?

In the area in front of the church, seven- to eight-year-old children dance around the mill wheel around the campfire.

Dr. Klein is back. He came to the table and looked at the old man’s body. He took an electric saw and very diligently and deftly began to divide the larger parts into smaller ones. He first started at the wrist. The palm, with thick fingers that looked like sticks, looked like a discarded, unnecessary glove. Only the furrows on the rings indicated that she was once alive and belonged to a human.

End of chapter nineteen.


Čteno s elektrickou kytarou, nahráno ve Studiu Midian.

Crowley - 13 - smrt

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