Poet Čtení naživo ve Studiu Midian…kapitola 34.

Crowley - 1 - mag

Čteno, nahráno, natočeno na kameru v notebooku, v nejnižším rozlišení, kvůli množství dat ,ve Studiu Midian.

Zvuk mlžné sirény z archivů BBC , volně dostupný pro neziskové účely , konkrétně: Ships & Tugs: Whistles & Sirens – R.M.S. Queen Mary ship’s siren, three horn blasts, signalling fog warning.

Napsáno více jak před deseti lety, jakákoli podobnost se jmény postavami povoláními příjmeními je čistě náhodná nebo je to klasická synchronicita.

And I held astronaut Peters by the hand.

Lubomír Tomik

Chapter Thirty-Four

The fog is rising

The sky turned strangely white. The fog was born as if on top, thickening into tufts of white cotton wool and falling ominously, almost unreally.
Something emerges from the fog, shadows, voices.
-Knee socks?-
-Green-yellow-red, striped, those stockings.-
-I don’t want! – says pilot Olsen.
He doesn’t look a bit like a pirate. More like a Mexican coffee grower, tight boots, heels sloping. A sand-colored shirt, a leather vest over it, a loose colored scarf tied in the unbuttoned collar. So he goes there calmly, holding a hat like a car wheel in his hands, just new.
He had no desire for any apostolic fate.
-See you, I don’t see.-

  • A little bit? – Olsen asks.
    -Any little.-
    -And the sea? – Olsen asks a second time.
    -I don’t see that either.-
    -So you’re blind?
    -I’m not blind, I only see inside.-
  • But it’s foggy!
    -I’m telling you I can’t see anyway!
    -Base! – Jan won’t be long with Jan when the fog settles! ”Olsen said.
    He puts a huge hat on his head and puts two fingers, his index finger and middle finger on it, he fits the brim – now it’s just great!
    -Is you know a lot? ”Olsen asks again.

  • And so the man tells of the warship Empress Marie, on which he served during the last world war. He was the largest armor of the Black Sea Fleet. It was launched at the beginning of the century and after five years flew into the air in the port of London. Half a mile from shore.
    -It’s a hitherto unexplained event, says the man. First, the warehouse in the first tower exploded, where there were three thousand gunpowder instincts. And that’s how it started. In an hour, the ship was under water. Of the entire crew, only a few men survived…, including me. We saw the rear turret shatter and two monsters emerge like an apocalypse. Then I don’t remember anything, I only came to my hospital.-
    A lady with a pincher emerges from the fog behind the men and says- The men couldn’t do that, it was their job! –
    The other lady appears beside her. He also leads a little raffle on a leash.-No, no.
    One of the women is older, with a flowered scarf on her head, the other rather younger, in a pink dress apron, under which blue pants look down. Olsen gritted his teeth.
    When they both aim Olsen and his hat, it looks like both ladies would like to say something, they both turn their heads, but in the end nothing.
    Olsen sinks into the fog again. The cotton wool closes silently behind him, fits.
    Suddenly, a number of crosses appear, iron crosses that look like the Russian letter ž. They are welded from short pieces of rails. Iron letters stretch to the horizon.
    -These are anti-tank barriers from the ninety-seventh year, ”Olsen says,“ They haven’t removed them yet, but it won’t be long. Everything is running out. This iron will be needed as well.
    He saw them in the darkness of the lab on X-rays, bones without flesh pulsing according to police regulations, hearts beating in the rhythm of a business phone, irregularly, like a Buddha waving a hundred arms.
    Nine-tailed cat.
    Someone covers Olsen’s eyes, two hands behind him. He heard nothing. Not a step, no rustling soles on a damp, foggy street. Now he has to guess!
    A voice spoke.
    -There over the fog the girls dance and the sun shines, they are from the islands… –
    -What the hell girls? What islands! ”Olsen mutters.
    -From the islands in the wind. Palm trees to the sky, blue lagoon. If we got there. I want it! –
    Olsen turns sharply when he feels his palms running back, he wants to know who he’s talking to, but it’s late, the dark outlines of the figure already swallowed by the fog.
    Something was moving in the dim fog.
    Police mold gnawed on the walls.

End of chapter


Crowley - 1 - mag

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