Čtení o osmé večerní ,, A za ruku jsem držel kapitolu 49.“ astronautky Petersové.

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And I held astronaut Peters by the hand.

Lubomír Tomik

Chapter forty-ninth.

Astronaut Peters.

Glass ampoules filled with liquids, white bandages, net drapes, and finally multicolored lozenges in a house made of beams from sunken ships.
Above the entrance, a poor fluorescent lamp shone on the sign- Electricity will hit you if you do it with wet hands!
The peeled branch protrudes from the swamp and resembles an impending finger.
From the cloud of jeep dust, a person they expected the least appeared before them as a revelation: Tata Iwi.
A fat and chubby magician with faces irritated by a recent shave. Priestly cassock. He went up to them without hesitation and said firmly, „Lord God, give you a good afternoon!“

He pointed his head vaguely.
The streets here looked like big shops, with lots of junk everywhere left behind a dozen armies. There was everything you could think of – let’s say: ten thousand meters of army signal wire, wound into balls, very cheap for sale. For whom ? How about a bunch of thorns?
A policeman made his way through the crowded alleys.
-Let everyone get out of my sight! Let them move to America! I don’t care! ”He shouted around.
William grinned: -Hand of the law! –
-We call him Dracula, ”Tata Iwi remarked.

The policeman had a musket, a pistol and a saber, motivation and a momentary willingness to do the thing. He couldn’t wait for the state of emergency to end and everything would be fine.
Daddy Iwi was expecting them.
-Oh, if you could see the mess and the den the man lives in, the floor is dirty, cans scattered everywhere, books, old parchments, masks on the wall, a pipe and a big tomahawk – says Dad with one breath and turns his eyes to the pillar, on he has sharp wrinkles on his foreheads over the age of forty.
Overgrown Dracula nodded his huge, protruding jaws in agreement. His bile could boil the colon.
The hand of the mountain wind pushed me lightly.
I walked over to him.
-We came to You ale -but he interrupted me with a wave of his hand.
-I know. The end is here. In moments of solitude I hear him approaching. Get out.-
-Please. I’ll show you my magic. When the time comes.-
We all left the jeep slowly. William was the last to touch the dust of the road.
An old passion might have awakened.

-And that’s all ? – Officer Dracula asked in disappointment.
Bobby already understood how the computer felt when it was overloaded with data.
A crowd of people made their way through the car. And not just any. We got on and were engulfed by the darkness inside the limousine. She started moving.
Then nothing for a long time.
The driver turned on the radio.
The words filled the space.
Snippets of old phone calls were intertwined for a while, until the sound was clear.

…………. ,,Citizens of the Earth! We are sending an extraordinary message! We are sending an extraordinary message! We’re broadcasting from section 4718, from the studio on the far side of the moon. Our devices have recorded wonderful dreams and visions. From the reports of our agents, it is clear that literary characters are coming to life on Earth! Avoid them! This is a real attack! We do not know how this is possible and who is behind it! I repeat: The attack is real! Citizens of the Earth! Astronaut Peters has begun braking maneuvers! Starship The surf will land as soon as possible! Rescue is coming! The pilot probes will pick up the survivors. The entry coordinates are…“

-then the voice will be silenced.

The black limousine flashes on the hidden photocell and the gate with the bronze bull and hand-forged grille opens. Quite quietly. It’s the fifth time. The sun hanging on the west side of the sky slowly approaches the mountainous horizon and lengthens the shadows.
White pieces slip through her lips.

End of Chapter 49.


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