Podvečerní čtení ,,A za ruku jsem držel astronautku Petersovou.“ Kapitola 31.

Fotografie od Mike van Schoonderwalt na Pexels.com ,,Palenque“

Čteno a nahráno ve Studiu Midian. Napsáno více jak před deseti lety, jakákoli podobnost se jmény postavami povoláními příjmeními je čistě náhodná nebo je to klasická synchronicita.

And I held astronaut Peters by the hand.

Chapter thirty-first

This is the road to Palenque.

The yellowish jeep driving through the muddy roads did not talk about its own misfortune, but about the continuing demise of London and its people. As soon as the last ruins were out of sight, one of us called out – Scary city! Only ghosts live in it.-
And Bobby joined – What about the houses? I’m sorry to go home, you’d say a horde of soldiers plundered the city!
-Horde of mosquitoes! The city was destroyed by malaria! ”Suzanne continued.
William with devilish fires in his eyes said-Poor people. And they can be seen as good. They look as if they have seen the dark terror of the soul… –

And what to add now? Plurima mortis Imago.-I pointed timidly. The secret locked our lips, a terrible and terrible secret. So far there has been peace.
-No-says William-I don’t know anymore.-
He looked like a cat that had just swallowed a couple of canaries.
London stayed behind.

Kissing among the thorns of huge cacti. And one of them, if you stab one of them, is it Fate?
Why doesn’t water spill out of the seas when the Earth rotates?
Tell yourself – how many times can you face a monster in real life? Real evil? Magician? Tatu Iwovi?
That night she didn’t shine the lights. It was as dark as a backpack. Something always happens on such dark nights.
The youth wrecked in numb looks, in the wrinkles around his eyes.

William began to sing at the wheel: – After Johnny drinks my rum-
and in the gearbox it creaked angrily like an iron hook scratching at another metal. The jeep swung over the pothole.
-After Johnny eats my foods-
William shifted into gear and his left waved goodbye.
-After Johnny wears my clothes-
The car now emerged from the mud of the jungle and sped off across the heat-hardened plain.
William raised his voice.
-Johnny comes back and take my wife.-
The danger seemed so far away…

-Did you have fun at sea, William?- say Bobby.
-I had fun, yes.- says William.-Fights, victory, prey, I enjoyed it very much- and when I think about it, the girls on all the coasts loved me very much. You don’t know that time can neither slow down nor speed up, just stop it ? Everywhere we go, there are three trails leading to the mountains. One of them, the undead descend into the valley, the second the magician’s drug interests flow, and the third, the third we go.
William was suddenly desperate and impersonally sincere, shining like a freshly washed azure shirt.
-Just go, child, to the jungle, to the oil fields, maybe to the seventh circle of hell,
just don’t stay here. What about the fact that men are talking roughly, they won’t need to talk in front of you. What about the fact that there are corrupt women, they will start behaving differently when you look at them.-

But Bobby swore she wouldn’t leave me and she wasn’t afraid of William.
She immediately understood the position of the referee when he whistled a penalty against the home team.
William stared out. Less than two meters in front of him, the road disappeared into the darkness.

He stoped the car.

I replaced him and we drove on.
William yawned all over his bike, took off his shirt and trousers, drew a nail on the door next to the seat, hung his clothes on it, reached out and fell asleep like a hoopoe.
Only when the jeep veered off the road to the sea and turned into the jungle did they realize what fate awaited them.
Someone said-This is the road to Palenque.-
The others understood and fell silent. The bumps of the wheels in the ruts, the shortness of the engine and the beating of the hearts echoed these words… .This is the way to Palenque… .this is the way to You.

End of chapter thirty-one.

…..podruhé dnes

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