Čtení k polednímu ,, A za ruku jsem držel astronautku Petersovou “ Kapitola 41

Čteno a smícháno ve Studiu Midian.

Napsáno více jak před deseti lety, jakákoli podobnost se jmény postavami povoláními příjmeními je čistě náhodná nebo je to klasická synchronicita.

Lyrics…. proč ne, ,,Lyrics“

And I held astronaut Peters by the hand.

Chapter Forty-One

How who is and what who is doing with whom.

The Far West, an area of ​​monsters and monsters, however, is practically more and more lovers of indoor swimming pools.
-Oh! – Bobby shouts. – What’s up? –
In the middle of the night, everyone was asleep in the house a long time ago, so in the middle of the night it rumbled to the door and an angry voice called- It’s me! Růžena Rybízová –
The bare ankles slipped around him, and the damp smell of old rotting wood, moldy clothing, burnt food, the smell of old people, peeling plaster, and cobwebs, bitten in the corners like a torn sail on a ship that passed the Horn of Cape.
The heavy damask curtains in the study were drawn, squinting at the scattered contempt of blacks coming out of the darkness. He would like to earn the love and admiration of all of London.
I circled the alleys, increasingly disgusted and irritated. I stumbled upon the butchers‘ alley, which hit me. According to the smell, the meat probably had something to do with fish. In addition, all the butchers looked at me very hostile. One threatened me with an ax, the other threw a bone at me, the third rolled up his sleeves and headed for me with the obvious intention of rolling my back.
Extremely astonished, I hurried away.

-So heaven sent you to me, Calvin .- she said and got up from the table.
Růžena Rybízová and Calvin Mc Doohan and next to them lie a missionary, a native teacher and a businessman from Hong Kong on palm leaves.
-I hate him. said Růžena simply.- I hate.-
A slender bird carried, a silver fish sailed.

-And what does your face look like?
This time, William takes the time, September and September, and finally says, „My face can no longer be found. There’s an empty spot in front of my inner gaze.“
-If you have a long time, turn on the receiver.-I advise him. We are still within range .-
The way back was out of the question.
He handed Suzanne the stethoscope. She listened for a moment. It looked like a miniature sun.
There was sporadic applause and he stopped. He squeezed his eyelids hard, in sharp pain.
On my return from Kurupuri, I stopped at the village of Aligina, where I wanted to rest for a few days. On this occasion, I made a film and phonetic recording of the wedding ceremony. But everything turned out differently. In the end, I witnessed a fight for a magician.-
-What about prostitutes? -Suzanne asked. -We talked to a man who met a prostitute there !-
-William? ”Says Bobby.- Can you hear me?
-I hear you.-
-Can I ask you something?-
-Wouldn’t you, wouldn’t you be like you used to be? How have you been before?
-Oh- William says.-How did you come up with this?
-Wouldn’t it?
-I don’t think William will say anymore. -I don’t think it would work anymore. Everyone is changing.-

Nice girl. He will think. No, he didn’t pack her on the street, she worked at a hotel. He smiled again.

  • What do you think caused the disease? „Mc Doohan asks.“
    -Miss Růžena shouts at him in the rising wind- I don’t know… maybe someone something eat… .brown…

For many, the evening is not over yet. As evening approaches midnight, a certain man enters. His bare feet sink into the loose sand, sounding cymbals, quiet but causing a chill in his back. These are the steps of a mysterious, nameless man. Rhythmic and direct. Invisibility in the wavelengths of the visible spectrum.
Maybe it’s all dreamers‘ fabrications. Maybe no one like that. Chisel.
-I saw him suddenly disappear, leaving only a hole in the air and all the molecules plunging into it like an abyss.-

  • With Sheila, „says William.
    Space probes will cross the galaxy and emit unprecedented information. Their sensors will touch the planets, and everyone here will be dead a long time ago. There will be no one to pick up the signals.

They camped at the edge of a sparse forest. The mountains take on sharp outlines. The voices of animals and birds bite into our faces. They found a way.
-Ne.- Bobby answers.
I made sad dog eyes.

  • But why not?
    -We would have to kill all Anopheles mosquitoes, all rats and plague fleas.-

He has that dream again. Hyperspace, steaming tea, biscuits and Captain. Thousands of candles are lit, sometimes a narrow fin of a black shark emerging between them chasing a school of flying fish.
The two halves of her ass played a cute game together.

End of chapter forty-one.

A karta Velké Arkány Crowelyho Tarotu na publikaci jen tak čtené kapitoly je…

Crowley - 3 - cisar

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