Čtení na sobotu : ,,A za ruku jsem držel astronautku Petersovou“ Kapitola 38

Nahráno a smícháno ve Studiu Midian. No. Ve Studiu. Proč ne ? I kdyby jen…někdo.

And I held astronaut Peters by the hand.

Lubomír Tomik

Chapter thirty-six.

The lonely, forceful steps of the German philosopher.

Traveling through time every day, smiling and uttering words, and William is lonely, striking the mad German philosopher, wearing Vietnamese European trousers and a shirt with pockets, a fishing hat and a long shotgun in his hand – he attacks him in one dark corner. a bunch of thorns.
He clicks the old thing and says- Come on, you bastards- and thugs will blow up in the nothingness of the endless streets of London…
William then lights elegantly.
When the seafront appears, he pulls out his binoculars and looks out to sea.
Nothing but emptiness spans the horizon.

William thought.

William thought. – It’s amazing in London’s prostitutes that they take off their veils over their noses and then the long biblical robe, and suddenly they’re just lewd sluts with a lustful smile and nothing more.
He smiled.
Later, as he tried to look through the wrong time and find me, his eyes searched, turned to dust and rose until he found me, looked at me and asked – Where are you? Where are you? –
But all I heard was the rustling of my lips, and the connection broke when a high, phallic voice carried over the air — We’re sending an extraordinary message… .We’re sending an extraordinary message…We are sending an extraordinary message… Citizens of the Earth beware… We are sending an extraordinary message… –

I saw the deer of the dawn rushing forward, but where was I at this moment when the shattering vibration of the other worlds pulsed and rushed in the infinite universes like on a treadmill — was it me?

Crowley - dvojka poharu


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