Čtení na sobotní odpoledne ,,A za ruku jsem držel astronautku Petersovou “ Kapitola 33.

Fotografie od Alex Azabache na Pexels.com

And I held astronaut Peters by the hand.

Lubomír Tomik /written more than twenty years ago/

Chapter Thirty-Three.

London romance

The police chief stormed the hotel. Bengt found in the hall.
-I’m not going to get excited, looking in the mirror all the time and chewing gum all the time to smell like licorice like an unpolished bull!
The tone of his voice allowed no questions.

Sullivan sat down at the ancient table, and Bengt thought sullenly, „And I’m nothing?“
The police chief lit a cigarette. Sparrowing sparrows fought the gutters in the gutters. It was an eloquent song of contagious rhythm, it sang about the war in the fourteenth year, about Fat Berta, about the Emperor. By the way, in the verses at the end of the song, the Emperor was not treated with care.
-Lame David… -Bengt thought, clenching his fists.
-And now, the moment of truth has come. -Sullivan said, revealing the snow-white teeth in a wide smile.
Two waiters, dressed in boxes and in white ties, stood at the far end of the hall, waiting for Bengt and Sullivan to get up to close.

  • And the vaccine?
    -We have three cabarets, hotels, lots of pubs, three cockpits, a gas station, and a Chevrolet dealership. ”Sullivan instructed.
    Bengt was alert as a boxer after the gong sounded at the beginning of the round.
    -And David is nowhere. -Sullivan continued.- You claim you searched everything. Airport station harbor ruins slums.Davídek nowhere! I’m asking! Where is?-

Those words should not be a disturbing question.

It was a shocking answer.

  • He’s at your house !!!!!! – dropped out of Bengt.
    -Yes it’s right.-
    Police Commissioner Sullivan shook his head almost imperceptibly, as if he had fallen down, toward hell.
    -It is so. He rang my doorbell and when I opened it he started kissing me. He immediately held me in his arms, hugged me and kissed me again, bringing me into ecstasy and then, then he began to make love to me. He is a unique artist in this respect, he was completely greedy in bed and was able to fulfill all my most secret wishes all night. He surrounded me with fantasies of such a caliber that I completely succumbed to him. . It was amazing, I’ll never forget it! –
    He paused for a moment, then added.-He’ll immediately reveal what you’re up to!
    Edward Bengt grabbed his head with both hands and cursed softly- Oh! God! ”He raised a clenched fist resembling a hammer.
    An unkind silence fell.
    -Who do you think you are !!!! – Bengt shouted angrily.
  • Does it matter who you are?
    -If you play with me, Commissioner, I’ll have you beaten up and I’ll send you to Palenque.
    Sullivan looked innocent and defenseless as a child. Exceptions were eyes, rocky and inaccessible. But he might as well have been somewhere else.
    Bengt grabbed the rage. He rushed into the hotel’s corridors, rooms and bedrooms, scattering tile tub doors and entire hotel cores all around the windows. He finished and they both went out.

  • At that moment, several fighting boys ran into the square. Somewhere they ran, shouting, brandishing real wooden sabers and real tin pistols. It looked as if London had been invaded by cruel robbers.
    They were the same men and they had weapons.

End of chapter thirty-three.

Crowley - kralovna mecu

Pokus o četbu za zvuků ulice Istanbulu, žádné střihy, žádné podfuky.

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