Čtení pro Tebe : ,,A za ruku jsem držel astronautku Petersovou “ Kapitola 43.II.Audio.

Čteno a nahráno ve Studiu Midian.

-So you only know what’s going on here? –
-You are right. Unfortunately, you are right.-
-Well, you’re definitely happy with yourself! –

The neurologist rubbed his mustache. – Do we have to talk about this right now? I’d rather crash with a plane. Because when a ship sinks, I at least have time to scold the shark before it eats me.
I laughed.
The neurologist suddenly exclaimed with a matter of course bordering on satisfaction:

-Friend! It’s a syphilitic ulcer!-

I widened my eyes in horror.
My head started to hurt.
Suddenly a sign lit up: ,,Buckle up.“
Immediately, the captain’s voice also spoke through the loudspeakers: -I would like to ask all passengers to stay in their seats and fasten their seat belts, I’m starting to descend… –
He didn’t get any further.
The voice disappeared as the plane jerked. A giant fist seemed to strike him. The overhead luggage compartments opened and the light went out. The sound of the jet engines faded. The shouts and screams of the passengers flooded the darkened plane, which began to crash.
With boxes Made in Poland, Made in Holland.

He was trying to explain something to me, something about orange peel and banana peels. He kept saying it, banana peels, dog. He was smiling.
/ Indeed, it seems that the hallucinations have reached their peak. Today’s weather was favorable. Strange life, which is not fair. /
It sounded like an explosion!
Not to! The plane did not have a rudder. And can you fly without a rudder? Won’t. And so the plane crashed. The wings flew, the wind spun them and carried them into the distance.

-Did you write it or not!?!? – the neurologist shouted at me.
-I wrote it… but it has a sequel, don’t worry!
The neurologist shouted, putting his hand in his mouth in horror.
His mouth softened like pink wax, his lips parted, his hand fell out, and his eyes flushed.
Then the nearby sounds will subside. There will be the remote hum of a nearby town, the distant moan of an ambulance, or the muffled roar of falling Boeing in the morning.
What is in the air must fall to the ground! Today or tomorrow.
And then just a death cry and it’s over.
And a few bites of hungry sharks.
And the horizon is red.

End of chapter forty-three.


Karta Crowleyho Tarotu na publikaci je…. Jede na hořícím voze …,,Princ Holí“.

Crowley - princ holi
Každé slovo.


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