Čtení pro Tebe : ,,A za ruku jsem držel astronautku Petersovou “ Kapitola 43.I.Audio.

Čteno a nahráno napoprvé ve Studiu Midian.

And I held astronaut Peters by the hand.

Lubomír Tomik

Chapter Forty – three. / Part One /

Moon? I love the moon!


Then he had the opportunity to see and listen to a truly amazing story. His imagination showed him images in which the dry facts of ancient history came to life.
He saw two open graves in the flashlight. Next to them lay two flashlights and two coffins with their lids open. The technician made a comment on his portable tape recorder.
-High hopes in overcoming time, have not yet woken up and seen the enticing twist of immortality. But I’m one Turkish hoof. The clock is ticking relentlessly and measuring time. I have to hurry. I just focus on the main things. It’s hard to talk to Earth from outer space. The radio waves go out. They are dampened by magnetic storms, strong gravitational fields divert them from the original direction.-
Pilot Olsen brought a massive thermos of chilled fruit juice with his eyes on top of his head and served it with chambermaid courtesy, as if he operated the technique every day.
He was infinitely embarrassed, and he didn’t get a word out of all his learned speech.
They sat on the grass and stared at the river. At least if the steamer went. Or a tugboat, with tugboats. Interesting opinions could come together.
The idea did not give him peace.

It was a difficult case. I searched my pockets in vain. Unfortunately! I couldn’t find him!
-Sorry- I turned to my neurologist- where can I get a handkerchief?
-Capper? Is that supposed to be a joke?
-But! Handkerchief! She’s sniffing at him!
-Sorry? What’s wrong with him?
-She sniffs! I have a cold !-

  • ?????? –
    -Inflammation of the mucous membranes! Inflammation of the mucous membrane in the nasal cavity !!! –
    They met their eyes for a moment. It was as if lightning had flashed.

The neurologist advised me: Try to write, it will help you find yourself. We saved you, but you are not cured. So try to say it all. As honestly as possible. Get it out of you. What will shake your head. I guarantee you that no one will read what you write. There is no better medicine for you.
Nobody was looking for reality.

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